Why crime rate in Ukraine increased

Author : Yuriy Lutsenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Report of the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko at the meeting of the Committee on Law Enforcement
12:54, 22 September 2016

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Since the beginning of the year, 410 thousand criminal offenses have been registered in Ukraine. This is 25% more than last year. The criminal situation is getting worse.

One of the most dangerous types of crime is premeditated murder. Interior Ministry reports on a decrease from 2100 last year to 1200 this year. But if you look by the regions, we see that these figures are achieved by reducing the crime rate in Donetsk region. Last year there were 1,170 dead, and only 229 this year. The situation in Kherson, Kyiv and other areas has worsened.

Overall analysis shows a clear trend of dominance of illegal actions ruled by selfish orientation; that is what is aimed at larceny – 70% of all registered offenses. This year we have 38% theft growth. 221 thousand people were affected by the theft, mostly, in Zhytomyr, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Volyn, and Kyiv region.

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The rate of robberies grew for 40%. Among the leaders of robberies are Rivne region (80% increase), Volyn (72%), Odesa (63%), Dnipropetrovsk (57%), Kyiv (54%). 2400 robberies has been registered, what demonstrated a 30% increase. The largest growth is in Cherkasy, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and Rivne regions.

Crime in public places has increased by 55%. In Kyiv, 25 thousand criminal offenses were committed in public places in six months. Almost every third murder in public were performed in Kyiv.

Of course, the war has criminalized Ukraine. Of course, the country is full of weapons, explosives and ammunition that are not even amenable to analysis of their number. Of course these crimes are becoming more aggressive ...

The second factor is a routine paper work that is enormously time consuming to police.

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"The law of Savchenko" really is the big threat on the aggravation of the crime situation. Being objective, I must say, this law restores order that existed in the Soviet Union until 1937. I found instructive NKVD letter to the Gulag authorities – cancel “one day for two” in the covered spaces, and special rations for the extra labor in the Gulag. Being in the covered spaces is definitely more difficult than in the camps. Nevertheless, I have suggested that you to adjust the bill.

To some it may seem a small problem, but I want to say that the number of detected drug laboratories reduced twice. Those colleagues who work in the police are well aware of the fact that every third crime is connected with the drug addicts. If we do not find drug users and drug sellers, then we get the growth of thefts, robberies, and other crimes.

The new police has been patrolling Kyiv for a year, without changing routes. I certainly know the exact time when I would meet the patrol car. And Kyiv Mayor should establish video surveillance. Not dozens, but thousands of cameras. Then the operator would be directed patrols. Patrol without surveillance, without leaving the car is ineffective. It is a fait accompli.

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