Who needs more to fight Ukraine's corruption - Biden or Ukrainians?

Author : Serhiy Fursa

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ex-US Vice President Joseph Biden: I am badly affected by the worsening in the fight against corruption in Kyiv
12:02, 25 January 2018

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President's press service

Ukrainian agenda in few citations.

Ex-US Vice President Joseph Biden: "I am badly affected by the worsening in the fight against corruption in Kyiv. Here is one specific example for you: I had a mission in Ukraine. I remember how I came here to convince our team that we must give Ukraine long-term credit guarantees. I have made some 12-13 trips to Kyiv and eventually had to announce that we were offering another billion dollars of credit guarantees. Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk have promised that they would take steps on the prosecutor general, but they did not keep their promise."

Then he went to a press conference and said that the United States would not give Ukraine a billion dollars.

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"They replied that I did not have such authority, that I was not the US president, and the president said he would give it. I told them to call him if they do not believe. I said them that they were not going to get a billion dollars. I said: "I leave in six hours if your Attorney General is not dismissed by the time, you would not get the money.” And that son of a b*tch was fired. And his place was taken by a person, who had a credit of trust at that time," the former vice-president of the United States said.

Quotes from the local Ukrainian bosses:

"Some douchebag from abroad comes here and tell us how to live and build our own country... They will make their own handpicked trial, and that would be the end. They will close the vertical: NABU - SAP – court (National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecution – Ed.), and then the "anti-corruption troika" would appear, just like in the NKVD. They will punish whom they want and when they want. It will be the state in the state," one influential MP from Petro Poroshenko’s Blok notes.

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"The West wants to put us under full external management, they think that they will press on Poroshenko, and he will force us to accept everything, but this will not happen, not in this case," adds another MP from the People's Front faction.

"There is a lot of money in the world. The Arab funds have money; there are many places with money. And they do not demand any courts. We must show our strength, otherwise, our end is near," one of the deputies from Petro Poroshenko’s Blok said, barely restraining himself from blatant curses.

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The struggle is taking place in this paradigm. There are two ways: either corrupt officials will defend their sovereign right to corruption, or creditors will force Ukrainian government to create an independent court. Who really needs an independent court in Ukraine - Biden or the Ukrainians? Who suffers more from Ukrainian corruption? The question, of course, is rhetorical. And if it is an element of external management, then there is nothing bad about it. Children in the kindergarten are also externally managed. Just because they can hardly survive themselves. For 25 years, Ukraine has been having a huge potential. And simultaneously, we are the poorest country in Europe (maybe someone will find statistics that Ukraine is the last before the poorest, but this does not change the picture dramatically). What is the problem? Maybe our management is the problem. If the team collects many great players, but they do not play, then the problem is the coach. And he must be fired. If a country cannot realize its potential for decades, it means that it is badly managed.

What prevents us from effective managing? Lack of brains or corruption – you are free to choose. That is not that important. Both facts are miserable. But when the country is not only the poorest but also the most corrupt one, it means that they are not just stupid (I mean the society as well). Stupid and greedy. And this is our problem. And it must be solved.

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They propose to abandon the anti-corruption court and decriminalize illegal enrichment. An alternative is to create an independent anti-corruption court and introduce an amnesty for everyone except the politicians. And if one of the deputies proposes to grant amnesty to judges and prosecutors, we will be able to offer them not conditional 5% of taxes (as for all citizens of Ukraine), but 90%, like those who managed badly and destroyed the lives of ordinary Ukrainians.

And we should not forget that the IMF does not need IMF requirements, but Ukraine does. Not Biden will live more comfortably and better if we put behind the bars (or fire) some corrupt officials, but Ukrainians will.

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The home-grown great managers, who do not want to accept the conditions of the IMF and are struggling for their own corruption sovereignty (Russian sovereign democracy, side view), should remember that they need to keep their savings in hryvnia to gain the complete independence from the evil Yankees. And since they prefer to keep their savings in US dollars, they should not be surprised when the accounts of some "common sense resistance" leader would be frozen somewhere in Switzerland. C'est la vie.

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