What we do vs. how we live: Inadequate society will not be able to prosper

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Millions of ordinary Ukrainians scolded the corrupted officials. That did not prevent them from selling their own voice to these most outspoken rascals for 400 UAH. Or for a few kilograms of free buckwheat
23:32, 3 April 2017

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The President of Ukraine from the UN rostrum, looking to the world’s eyes, asks for support in the fight against Russian aggression. At the same time, the world knows that the same president at the same time is conducting a family business with these very aggressors.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine regularly demonstrates his intolerance to corruption in front of television cameras. And at the same time he hides from the cameras his mother-in-law - the owner of the elite real estate.

The country's leadership loudly laments about the financial losses associated with the ORDLO blockade - but is silent on the amounts of money that continue to be withdrawn to offshore during the crisis and the war.

There are tens of billions of dollars in the country - and at the same time the IMF tranche cult is thriving.

Millions of ordinary Ukrainians scolded the corrupted officials. That does not prevent them from selling their own voice to these most outspoken rascals for 400 UAH. Or for a few kilograms of free buckwheat.

Leading fighters for decommunization openly gravitate toward Bolshevik methods.

Business deputies from Party of Regions with their own hands help Putin to create the conditions under which their own business cannot flourish.

As a result, the country with fantastic opportunities vegetates in poverty.

Fraud as the main tool of political struggle

The methods are very simple. The authorities tied the problem of the status of "special" areas of Donbas to the problem of decentralization. And everyone who opposes a special status becomes loudly accused of resisting decentralization.

This method is widely used by both opponents and supporters of the ORDLO blockade.

Also fervent "fighters for the right of people to use their native language" are ready to fight exclusively for the rights of Russians in Ukraine, but in no case - for the rights of Ukrainians in Russia.

"Strong business executives" and "talented businessmen" had absolutely no interest in modernizing the archaic economy, but surpassed all conceivable limits in its plundering.

The talented business can achieve success without access to budgetary funds. It can be successful without theft and fraud.

For such a business, the key factor is the existence of fair rules of the game and the guarantee of compliance with these rules, without exception, including by the state.

For it, even lower tax rates do not compensate for threats of raiding and unpredictable legislation.

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In Ukraine there are billionaires and owners of large industrial complexes.

But at the same time there is no large civilized business in our country.

Because such a business is, above all, a philosophy of stability and predictability.

First, it means the creation of a solid foundation - and only then a tough competitive struggle.

Ukrainian "big businessmen" remind us a little girl in front of a mirror in her mother's sweatshirt and shoes, with mother's lipstick on her lips and mascara on her eyelashes. They copy only the external attributes of a large civilized business.

But in practice they do everything exactly the opposite - they invest their efforts and resources in destroying the basis on which political and economic stability is maintained.

Each change of power promises a big redistribution of the most attractive assets in Ukraine.

The position of small and medium-sized businesses is puzzling.

This is an environment with the largest percentage of talented enterprising individuals which finds the opportunity to contain exorbitant Ukrainian corruption, but does not find an opportunity to create an effective mechanism for getting rid of it.

Particularly surprising is the passiveness of business in a situation where the policy of power brings the people to the brink of revolutionary anarchy which in a country with millions of impoverished citizens and a huge number of weapons can not only break bright plans, but also lead to the loss of the already created by the price of great effort and cost.

But instead of initiating and supporting decisive proactive actions business continues to rely on a miracle.

And in the economy, as in social development, miracles could be exclusively man-made.

If the force possessing a colossal total organizational and financial resource does not make efforts to create a political and economic basis for its own prosperity, the question naturally arises: is there a talented business in Ukraine?

In many developed countries, this force has become the inspiration and organizer of fundamental changes.

But it turned out that in Ukraine this idea is more needed by the West, and not by the talented Ukrainian business.

Looking at the mirror

If the old domineering and pseudo-opposition elite, which has a high anti-rating, has a chance of re-election – it is a diagnosis of a flagrant political emptiness in the country.

Everything goes to the fact that Ukrainians will have another choice of "smaller" of evils.

At the same time, as always, after gaining power, the "smaller" evil automatically becomes the greatest.

And this is not the fault of the authorities, not the fault of the old elite.

This is the fault of those new politicians who either give the rest of the electoral field to the populists, or they themselves compete with the latter in populism.

Who lead an eternal struggle with consequences, not with causes.

Who position themselves as effective political top managers, but without power and big money are helpless.

It is the fault of popular public figures and bloggers who use their popularity and huge social network capabilities to turn colossal energy into a "whistle" of endless criticism, but not to unite people around a specific action plan.

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It is the fault of all those who help the authorities to imitate reforms, talking about slow and fragmentary, but leading to success steps. Because these steps are done in a train wagon moving in the opposite direction at a much higher speed.

It is the fault of all those who understand the total doom of the current authorities, but do not leave the convenient observer’s place. Who hopes that the maturing street revolution will automatically solve all the problems.

The future is determined not by those who observe, but by those who effectively act.

In troubled times, the one who has a clear plan of action and a political mechanism for implementing it,  wins.

And if others do not do what is vital - there is no other way than to start doing it by yourself.

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