What to expect from Normandy Quartet meeting?

Author : Leonid Kravchuk

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Commentaries of Leonid Kravchuk, first president of Ukraine
17:59, 19 October 2016

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I agree with the disturbing attitude of Poroshenko before the meeting of "Normandy  Quartet".  Because there was no meeting yet, but we already hear diametrically opposite positions. Russia believes that we must first solve the political issues that are to hold elections, to amend the Constitution. And Russia is supported by the French president. Poroshenko said that Ukraine will not fulfill the political part of the Minsk agreements, until safety issues will not be solved.

Thus, it is already known that the parties have very different positions ... I have no belief that this meeting will have a positive, real operating results.

I think that Russia is increasingly losing authority by the fact that it is waging war on Ukrainian territory, and it should look for some options. I think that the basic idea of Russia will be holding elections on the territory of these areas. Probably, will be declared the influence of Russia - the statement that Russia will influence on this and will provide a real opportunity to conduct elections.

It is good that there will be the president of France, who said in his speech that he supports Russian position. I think they will come to the meeting with Putin now with common position - that it is necessary to solve the security issues first and then solve those ones that can be solved.

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If a bad document would be signed, so ... they will say - just follow the Minsk agreement and your steps should be like this, and you better not to take this deal.

If you want to solve a question, it can be resolved if there is the political will. The will of United States, UK, France, China and so on to solve this question. What matters is the political will and desire. World is ruled by interests. If there is interest and the relevant decisions, then they will work ...

I am convinced that we need to address to all these countries, and as a base we should take the Budapest Memorandum, maybe now we should change it, this should be a decision of the heads of states that have the power of their people to solve an important question. This is a question not only Ukrainian, but much wider.

In Ukraine are interested those political leaders who know that Ukraine is an important country and what is happening in Ukraine, can influence the life of another countries, and possibly the whole of Europe. If this consciousness and positions will be developed, this means that Ukraine will be supported.

I’ll give you one example. I had visited the United States; I met with the management at the General Motors plant. The director of the plant said to me: "You see, the US has provided Ukraine $ 700 million for the elimination of nuclear weapons." And at night I read in the newspaper that they gave from the Fund to Mexico $ 45 billion. I told him, - you told me about 700 million, and in one night you decided the issue with Mexico on 45 billion. He looked at me, smiled and said: "Mr. President, if you this country will fall, then many important parts of the US industry will fall too." And if, sorry for such a parallel, today something will happen with Ukraine, 90% of Americans will not even notice.

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