What should Ukraine expect from the US new administration?

Author : Anton Sestrytsyn

Source : 112 Ukraine

American citizens should not forget that they elect not only a president, but also the course of world history
10:32, 7 October 2016

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A series of presidential debates began in America. Elections in the US finally enter into the final phase, and very soon, on November 8, the citizens would decide on a candidate who gains the majority of their votes. What should Ukraine expect from the new administration? It should be noted that regardless of who will lead of the White House for the next four years, Ukraine will have to cooperate with the new team. It is no exaggeration to say that most Americans of Ukrainian and Eastern European origin would vote for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Interestingly, the day former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul in his article in the Washington Post reminded of how American working class with Eastern European roots helped Ronald Reagan win the presidential elections in 1980 and 1984. Although political strategists of the Democratic Party count for votes of less materially wealthy Ukrainians, Poles, and Balts, namely security and foreign policy platform of Reagan persuaded eastern Europeans support the Republican candidate. Despite Hillary’s  comparison of Putin and Hitler before World War II, the question is whether she would continue the Obama’s approach.

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Even among democratic circles in Washington there is a perception that Obama could do more for Ukraine. Yes, he could. But he did noting. Obama did not understand the strategic importance of Eastern Europe from the beginning of his term. Advisors tried to convince him that the main mission for the US presidency was error correction and image of the United States on the world stage after the announcement of George W. Bush "war on terror." The situation of world terrorism is only getting worse, so we can say clearly that the policy of reconciliation does not work.

Over the last decade the world's dictators have learned to "work with the West." Putin is the latest example. He understood how to avoid punishment and how to disperse propaganda in the West.

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Americans have significantly reduced their "Soviet table" after the collapse of the Soviet Union, naively thinking that "evil empire" would not come back. In vain. The US experts in Soviet issues have gone; and the new generation of experts on Kremlin issues has not been formed. And this problem is faced not only the United States. West neglected militarization of Russia. It is necessary to mention the recent appeal to Putin's parliamentary parties that passed in the State Duma, where he once again reminded about his attitude to the collapse of the Soviet Union and said that this could have been avoided. He will never recognize Ukraine's right to independence, under no circumstances. Without Ukraine, Putin cannot get a ticket to the time machine, which goes into the past.

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If I had the opportunity to ask questions both candidates about their vision of foreign policy during the debate, I would asked them about this. Whether Ukraine would join NATO during your presidency? What consequences would Russia face for the systematic failure of the Minsk agreements? How will your administration contribute to the return of Crimea under the jurisdiction of Ukraine?

Hearing the answers to these questions, we can understand the strategic vision of the candidate on the issue of Ukraine. Great danger also lies on the "Ukraine fatigue," which, unfortunately, is common among the Western media. Postponing Ukrainian issue plays in favor of Putin.

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The world is going through an incredibly dramatic times. Number of questions is bigger than the number of responses. Judging by recent events, we can clearly say that geopolitical turbulence will continue for at least seven to ten years or longer.

In recent times, political maturity, integrity, and human wisdom of politicians are not a decisive factor for voters in the West. American citizens should not forget that they elect not only a president, but also to some extent the course of world history. Populists, calling for concentration on domestic policy, only speculate on the emotions of voters in America - now it is important to focus on resolving the international crisis, because without solving these issues peace and prosperity of the Western world are impossible.

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