What Russia's return to PACE means for Ukraine

Author : Ilya Kusa

Source : 112 Ukraine

PACE has lifted sanctions from Russian delegation, and now it might return to the organization
12:15, 26 June 2019

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PACE has lifted sanctions from Russian delegation, and now it might return to the organization. Most Europeans voted in favor of this decision, including Azerbaijan, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.

Dozens of disappointed and surprised posts could be observed now. "But what about European values?!" some outraged social media users write. "The killers were returned to the organization! How could they?" others ask. "We are betrayed, this is a conspiracy against Ukraine!" some are indignant.

This hysteria is just the essence of how distorted and artificially pumped our information space has been for the past few years. More than 1.5 years, the Europeans have been discussing the possibility of the return of the Russian Federation to the PACE, and then suddenly they did it. What a surprise! This is the essence of our foreign policy and its communication to the public and partners.


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For several years we had a solid "win-win position," and Russia was losing on all fronts, in the process almost falling apart from the effect of sanctions. A miracle saved them. Just Deus ex machina.

For 5 years in a row, we almost worshiped Western values, morality, and the highest justice of their policies, striving to join this closed elite European club at full steam. At the same time, everyone did not care how Europe actually acted in other regions of the world and how it has changed over the past 5 years.

It turns out that a loop in the budget and behind-the-scenes agreements in the conditions of the crisis of the old order and the EU itself are more concerned about the Europeans than the undue support of Ukraine, which for five years hasn’t offered them anything.

European pragmatism was stupidly ignored in favor of naive romanticism. Accordingly, relations with the EU have never been truly pragmatic, flexible, and serious.

The information bubble was pumped with "good news" until it turned into a parallel universe that many people believed in, including some journalists and experts.


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For 5 years, such a powerful “spiral of silence” was formed that anyone who tried to get out of it became an “agent of the Kremlin.” This is how Ukraine got stuck in 2014.

This is how it was with PACE. This is how it was with the Nord Stream - 2. This happens with the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

But when you build a wall of illusions, it will collapse soon. The higher you build it, the more painful is its fall.

And of course, Volodymyr Zelensky is to blame for this, who else! He did not manage to catch these "ungrateful" Europeans in France and Germany by the throat and order them not to vote for Russia in PACE.


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In general, I will now say a criminal thing from the point of view of our wretched mainstream: returning the Russian Federation to the PACE will not bring anything wrong with it. I did not initially see a big problem here, except for a minor symbolic defeat. PACE is an advisory body that makes decisions that are not legally binding. That's all.

Our delegation will now have a real practice of tough debate with Russians.

And I really hope that the administration and the new government will not go by the same rake, and will more soberly assess the situation around us, and at least a little interested in what happens to others there.

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