What is wrong with Ukraine's capital: Top 12 Kyiv's problems

Author : Yuriy Bohdanov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Kyiv's most topical challenges: from chaotic construction and unbalanced public transport system to green areas an inclusiveness
23:22, 30 August 2018

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1. The city does not have a strategy or a development plan. If you google and read the "Strategy for the Development of Kyiv," created, apparently, in the midst of wasting money. This cannot be called a strategy. Why can’t they just develop a strategy involving business and effective implementation?

2. Unsystematic and chaotic construction of new residential buildings, which is increasing the imbalance of the city's development. I will not cite the Kyiv’s Left Bank or Obolon district as an example. Let us talk about the green and spacious Golosiyivsky district, which in terms of area, terrain, and infrastructure could be a nice middle-city area, after all, almost untouched by the Soviet past. If this chaotic construction continues for another 5 years, there will be a traffic collapse and city utilities system would just stop. Is it that difficult to create a general construction plan? Probably, it is difficult when your main political support has a strong lobby of the developers.

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3. The roads are really bad, they are repaired without a plan, and the embargo on current repairs has not been imposed. The solution is quite simple – the current repairs should be prohibited, a 5-year real guarantee with contractors should be signed, and the repair of communication systems and pavement should be coordinated.

4. The public transport system is not able to fulfill its balancing function. I am not even mentioning about the bus-only lane. You can shift the blame onto the drivers of the matshrootkas (private mini-buses), whom you personally promised to fire, it is at least unfair. The solution is quite obvious – just take the transport system of any comparable in size European or even not-European city (Bogota's case, for instance), copy it, adapt, and implement. Kyiv is not London or Moscow, I mean in size and scope. There are a lot of successful transport strategies. After all, there was some information that even the World Bank helped to develop the city transport strategy. How are things with that?

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5. The system of providing administrative services is still weak; the city's Centers for the administrative services still preserve the Soviet spirit. Speaking about the quality and quantity of electronic services, Kyiv is not even among the top three in the country. Being Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv should set the dynamics and pace of the whole country. It should serve as an example and be a model.

6. Inclusiveness. The city continues to be unadapted for people with disabilities. I am not even mentioning about inclusiveness for children at schools. Do Kyiv schools have special resource rooms and media libraries? Why was the first inclusive park built in Dnipro, not in Kyiv? People with visual impairments cannot move the city center as it is really dangerous for them, although the solution to this problem is inexpensive.

7. The pedestrian zone and the general tourist image of the city. This is just terrible. They tried to make a pedestrian zone from Sagaidachny street at Kontraktova. But in civilized cities, it is done in a different way. Bike paths should go through the city center, and on the base central roads, not between the dormitory suburbs, where they are not needed.

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8. Energy and utilities in general. Just remember the situation with Kyivenergo and the conflict with Naftogaz. Many districts of the Ukraine capitals just do not have hot water from May to October. We should not forget about schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. Although people buy special boilers for their apartments, it is not the best solution. Let us see at the example of Pokrov city in Dnipropetrovsk region. The city has found investors (yes, private investors) that have built the boiler houses for social facilities, using alternative fuel. The decision was found by the regional hospital in the city of Dnipro, where now the largest boiler house in Ukraine is located. Is this solution difficult? No. We just need to switch from appropriation to investing.

9. Programs for the apartment building co-owners association (ABCOA) and general budgeting. How can Kyiv ABCOA get money from the budget for the modernization of their houses?

10. Utility companies are just the budget parasites. There are thousands of them. Just look at a list of utility companies (especially budgetary ones) and see what they should do under their statute. The question arises: why, how does it work? Utility companies are washing out the money out of the budget, the development of budget is shrinking.

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11. Green areas. The parks of Kyiv, especially in the center, are in a really dead condition. For example, instead of creating a park of culture and recreation in the Holosiivsky Park, people came for drunk picnics here, and therefore the current state of one of the most beautiful places in Kyiv is quite poor. "Victory" Park near "Darnytsya" metro station was well-reconstructed 10 years ago, now it does not look attractive.

12. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sports. Cheap sports ground are just not appropriate for Kyiv. It should build at least 50 stadiums or complexes per year. The development of the budget can be expanded at the expense of the budgetary utility companies.

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I did not even touch the issue of garbage, the aeration station, dozens of deep problems that no one is dealing with. This is a topic of a separate article.

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