What is wrong with the Ukrainian airlines and tour operators

Author : Mykhailo Pozhyvanov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukrainian tourists face numerous difficulties with turning back home from their foreign trips
15:55, 6 July 2018

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This summer a new trend was formed: Ukrainian tourists have difficulties with turning back home from their foreign trips because of the domestic tour operators and carriers. For instance, June 29 hundreds of Ukrainian tourists could not fly back home from Tunisia. Oasis Travel tour operator, responsible for the situation with the flights of the Bravo Airways airline, assigned to the carrier. June 2, the JOIN UP tour operator has got some troubles too, because of it travelers got stuck in the airport of Mallorca. This time, Yanair was accused of the situation, as the company allegedly did not provide a serviceable aircraft.

I do not even want to understand, who is really more to blame - the sellers of tours or the carriers. Because in any case, the state is responsible for everything. Negative emotions, wasting of money and time, ruined vacation – this is what a Ukrainian tourist gets, paying good money for it. Everything is even worse and worse, however this time it ends only with the loss of material resources. Fortunately, we have not witnessed a plane crash of a charter flight, which would have taken hundreds of lives, but this option is not excluded, given what “second-hand” is used for the flights, and the State Air Service turned a blind eye for it.

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... I have read some large journalistic investigation on the Libyan citizen Rodrigue Merhej, the owner of airlines UM Air, "Bukovyna", "Bravo". In the United States, personal sanctions have been introduced against Merhej, and in Ukraine, it is quietly developing his business – “dwarf” airlines. Their feature is the ancient (figuratively and literally) aircraft fleet, which consists primarily of McDonnell Douglas aircraft, written off more than 30 years ago. These American aircraft were produced in the 1960s and 1980s and now are “beyond economical repair,” even Afghanistan and Cambodia do not use it anymore.

In 2003, the UM Air plane with Spanish peacekeepers crashed in the Turkish Trabzon, they were returning from Afghanistan. 75 people died. A Yak-42 aircraft was used to transport the peacekeepers' brigade, they did not inform about its age in the press, but it is widely known that such a "mark" was developed in the mid-1970s.

Soon after a series of SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) checks, the airlines of the Libyan businessman (and also Merhej himself) were blacklisted in European countries. It is interesting that in Ukraine in 2007б there was also an attempt to bring a case against Merhej, but simply for ... evasion from payment of taxes. Wherever the immediate interests of the state are concerned, they still show signs of life, but when it comes to the safety of people, the bureaucratic machine is washing it out of practice.

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And the most horrible thing in this situation is that, even in case of a tragedy with Ukrainian citizens, the state would not care about them, just like about the Spanish peacekeepers. Human life in Ukraine cannot be called that valuable, especially when we look at the unresolved cases of Maidan crimes or the unsolved murders of journalists - from Gongadze to Sheremet?

... I would like to tell you a story about the American state of South Carolina. There, a young daughter of a certain Carla Garrison picked up a syringe near the Target store, perhaps, thrown by a drug addict. When trying to take a dangerous "toy" from the child's hands, Mrs. Garrison has pricked a finger with that syringe, and then immediately went to the hospital for AIDS testing. She had a great stress, felt sick, and Mr. Garrison was forced to leave his job for a few days to look after his sick wife at home. A jury has awarded a South Carolina woman more than $4.6 million as the supermarket did not take care of the cleaning of its territory and put potential buyers at risk.

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It is even difficult to imagine how many millions (or even billions) customers in the civilized country could be sued by customers of tour operators and airlines if they were regularly fooled in the way it does in our state.

General directors of Oasis Travel and JOIN UP, the management of Bravo Airways and the State Air Service should be brought to the responsibility, as well as the profile minister Omelyan. They are responsible for violation of the undertaken obligations, which would entail losses for hundreds of citizens, their stress, and a threat to health.

The ministry and the State Aviation Service are responsible for the uncontrolled issuance of licenses and permits, as well as, perhaps, for financial motivation (bribe) for such actions.

... Meanwhile, somewhere the civilized part of the world is already testing the electric planes. (Let this be another interesting story). It is reported that the Slovenian aircraft construction company Pipistrel is testing the model of the Alpha Electro aircraft created by the order of the Norwegian airport operator Avinor. The test flight of the electric plane was carried out at the airport in Oslo, and the first passenger of the aircraft was Norwegian Minister of Transport.

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The authorities of Norway plan to completely transfer all local passenger air transportations to the use of electric planes by the year 2040. They have an ambitious goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40% throughout the country. I will add that last year 52% of all new cars sold in Norway were electric cars.

Ukraine is not Norway, obviously. Ukraine is not even Afghanistan, because even there they refuse to use these old gears. It looks like Ukraine is breaching the cultural bottom.

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