What do you need to know about taxi services in Kyiv airports

Author : Andriy Antoniuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

In the next few days, the passengers of Boryspil international airport might face the lack of the cabs due to UEFA Champions League final
09:25, 25 May 2018

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UEFA Champions League final does not only mean groups fans and overcrowded pubs, but also a serious challenge for the transportation system. Many tourists arriving at the airports will take a cab. What will happen to the taxi services in the coming days at the airports of Kyiv?

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It is possible that in the next few days, the passengers of Boryspil international airport would face the lack of the cabs. Last month, representatives of the airport called our association and asked to help to attract more taxi cars for the days of the final match of the Champions League. They agreed to issue temporary special passes and lowered the threshold of their conditions. A number of mandatory requirements were abolished, as well as payment of some contributions. If you are a normal, sane person with a license, then you have a chance to work on the first line in Boryspil for a few days. Temporary passes are issued for five days. On the days of the Champions League final, the number of taxis on the first line in Boryspil will increase to about 200.

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Usually, those cabs, which have special passes, are parked in Boryspil in the first line: the entrance to it is limited by a special barrier. To enter the first line in Boryspil, you need to provide all the documents: a license, a medical certificate, a confirmation of the payment of taxes for the previous month, confirmation of the technical strength of the car, and the driver must also attend the course on aviation security. The fact is that the airport is the object of a potential terrorist threat, and the driver must know how to act if the passenger in his car, for example, has left a bag or a suspicious package.

In the days of the finals of the Champions League, the taxi prices operating on the first line at Boryspil will not change. Tariffs are set by the airport along with the carriers, and the price of a kilometer is much cheaper than in Zhuliany (0.5 USD / km versus 1 USD / km). The work of a taxi on the first line is clearly controlled. Prices are agreed with the airport administration for a quarter, and no one will change them (for one day).

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Of course, there are crowds of illegal drivers in the terminal. The fact of their presence is police’s fault. If a passenger manages to break through the ranks of those gangs, standing there from the 90's, he will come to the first line. Those “gangs” might call the price and $ 200 for the trip. If the passenger agrees, he is taken to the place, where the car is parked. The driver will receive some $ 30 at best, and 170 will go to the gangs.

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A taxi from the first line will ask for no more than $ 15 for the same trip. There are even check-in counters where you can check the cost of a taxi to the address you need to go to. You might even print a ticket and go with it to the taxi driver.

If Boryspil calls a taxi by phone or orders online, it does not mean that it will be cheaper, especially if you call it from services that work with dynamic coefficients. In addition, according to the conditions of Boryspil, cars of the class below Skoda Octavia cannot work on the first line. All the requirements are clearly spelled out, there must be a working air conditioner. If you call a cab yourself, a low-class car, without air conditioning or with a smoking driver might come, and the price in such a taxi could be at least five times higher than in a car legally operating on the first line of the airport.

There is an electronic queue on the first line taxi. But it moves very fast: in the morning at rush hour, 35 taxi cars leave the first lane for 30-40 minutes. At night, the pace slows down considerably: 5-10 cars leave for the same period.

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There are no cabs in "Zhulyany" airport. There is only one carrier, which sets tariffs to itself, and they have always been the highest in the country. In this airport, the taxi is the most expensive in Ukraine. There is a well-known case when a passenger was demanded to pay 70 USD for a trip from the airport to Brovary. The price of a taxi in Zhulyany is at least 1 USD per kilometer, so it is certainly better to book a taxi by phone.

Holding the Champions League final should not be something difficult for Kyiv taxi services. But, as far as I know, many taxi services still plan to raise tariffs on May 26.

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