"We should have lived in normal conditions in Ukraine for 20 years already'

Author : Volodymyr Groysman

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Excerpts from the speech of Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at a government meeting broadcasted by 112 Ukraine
21:15, 9 August 2017

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Press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers

... We can absolutely distinctly ensure a rapid economic growth in Ukraine, by making the necessary decisions, involving the parliament; I am deeply convinced of this. We can earn enough money in the country for defense, for infrastructure, for normal medicine, for quality education. We can do this. And moreover, we can invest in raising the social standards of Ukrainian citizens.

... I will change any political flag for raising the social standards of life of Ukrainian citizens. I do not care about flags and colors. But I'm interested in life of people. How they will ride public transport, what roads they would be driving on. I am interested in what conditions they will be in hospitals, what educational services will be provided to their children, with what mood they will go to work and return, that is what I’m interested in. And the only state flag in this issue is our state flag of Ukraine.

I think this is a test for the maturity of all politicians who from time to time receive a mandate to represent the interests of the Ukrainian people in various government bodies, from the legislature to the executive power. This is an internal emotional state, and I believe that here it is necessary to put the period to these matters. We can make Ukraine a truly strong and righteous state. Everyone of us just need a little more intelligence and need to have fewer political ambitions that interfere with the normal business.

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We should have lived for 20 years in normal conditions already, we should have 20 years of independence, 5 years of the necessary system reforms and everything could be absolutely normal. We must work hard for this time. It is a pity that you will not return people who died from cardiovascular diseases, because there were no drugs or cardiac centers. It is a pity for children who received not quite competitive knowledge, because at some stage there was corruption or an imperfect system of admission to universities, poor-quality teaching of subjects. Or those who died on the roads, because the roads were broken or no one paid attention to security. And there are dozens of such issues. And I believe that our territorial integrity could be saved and so many of our hero warriors could not perish, defending our state, because the army could be strong, the armament could be ultra-modern, these are all those things that fell today on our shoulders, and all together we must adequately react on these challenges.

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