We have missed each other for 5 minutes - Voronenkov's colleague

Author : Ilya Ponomarev

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ex-deputy of Russian State Duma Ilya Ponomarev comments on murder from the spot
12:35, 24 March 2017

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I was not a direct witness of what happened. He was just going to a meeting with me. I was not far from the spot, but I did not see it. This happened at 11:25, according to law enforcers... This is a police guard, he was given state protection, because it was supposed that there could be assassination attempts on the part of Russian special services. The guard managed to injure one of the attackers, but I do not know any details. It happened on the corner near the "Premier Palace", on the street of the hotel, still owned by the former Russian deputy Alexander Babakov, on Blvd. Shevchenko, in center of Kyiv. I called Denys literally 5 minutes before all this. We wanted to meet a bit later. But in the morning he transferred the meeting to earlier, and we missed for 5 minutes.

A huge amount of police and ambulance cars are now on the spot. At first they could not understand who it was. And I was initially not sure if it was him. But they confirmed that it was really him. And now almost all the law enforcement authorities are coming here.

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Voronenkov’s transition to the Ukrainian side was ambiguously perceived even in an opposition environment, and some opposition leaders called him a crook. I believed that he was not a crook, but a very dangerous person for Russian corrupt law enforcement officers, who actually dealt with investigations, who had a very large amount of information on smuggled flows in Russia. And, of course, he was a very valuable acquisition for Ukraine. He was afraid for his life, so he agreed to get state protection. But, as we see, it did not help.

I am now 10 meters from this place, "Premier Palace". It was shooting. It is not known how many shots were fired. I spoke here with people who were witnesses on the street. I am now waiting here for the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine, with whom we are interacting in the Yanukovych’s case, where Denys was also a very important witness and helped to prove the fact of Yanukovych’s treason.

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This happened strictly at the intersection of Pushkin Street and Blvd. Taras Shevchenko, right on the corner of the Premier Palace hotel, 200 meters from the entrance. Exactly at the corner. Now I plan to meet with the leadership of the prosecutor's office and the National Police in order to tell what I know. Apparently, I am the only one who knows where he was going at that time. We will somehow try to help the investigation.

I know that the guard managed to injure one of the attackers… As far as I understand, Voronenkov had two guards.

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It is obvious that the strings lead to Russian special services. The only question is, at what level was this decision taken. It is quite obvious that this is the work of Russian people in epaulets.

Voronenkov had no ties, no conflicts in Kyiv. I met him every 2-3 days, and I know his life well. I know exactly what he was doing, what he was going to do. Recently, he was engaged in launching the Center for Investigations, he worked with Ukrainian law enforcers in order to build a format that would be comfortable for everyone and lead to some result. It took 100% of his time. He consulted with the Security Service, President’s Administration, and all power services. He wanted to be involved into the work of the Ukrainian law enforcement system in order to professionally investigate contraband flows.

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