Walking Kyiv on crutches: A test drive

Author : Vadym Denysenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Vadym Denysenko: I felt like I have just come from Montenegrin Mountains
21:10, 20 September 2016

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Yesterday I have started my personal European Mobility Week.

Five days ago I have held a crash test of Opel and Kia near Vyshgorod, Kyiv region. This time I have something new for you - a test drive on crutches!

My first route was quite easy, from Poshtova Ploshcha to Bessarabka (yesterday this area was pedestrian).

Checkpoint 1. Poshtova Ploshcha Metro Station

Do you know what Poshtova Ploshcha is? I think Kyiv metro administration would say that it is a typical Soviet project of the metro station. No, this does not mean 65 steps down (and for whom and up), the subway doors, weighing 10 kg, and a turnstile, which you just cannot pass if you have crutches.

Checkpoint 2. Platform.

On the platform, Kyiv decent woman stared at me like I was sick with swine flu, trying to hide their weird starring.

Checkpoint 3. Wagon.

Everything was ok in the wagon, someone gave me a sit, but people continued starring at me. Getting out of the wagon was a real adventure. The crowd of those wishing to skip to another station does not step back.

Checkpoint 4. Leo Tolstoy Metro Station

Success! There is an escalator! But why after every escalator there must be some additional 10 steps?

The stairs look majestic, all the classical architecture stands on the stairs. But if I'm not mistaken, it was in the heyday of the Greek style when cripples and the sick were thrown off a cliff ...

In short, I climbed the stairs and headed on.

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Checkpoint 5. Metrograd

Metrograd was more or less "universal." Convenient ramps, sloping floor, you can even take a sit on the bench to rest. In order to get out of this “Chinese market” you have to overcome some 28-40 steps, depending on the exist.

I climb this "Everest" and get out at the Arena.


I feel like I have just come from Montenegrin Mountains.


According to my internal ratings, Kyiv "on crutches" test deserves 1 out of 5. Why not 0? Well, in some places there are escalators and comfortable ramps.

Stairs, curbs, lack of gentle slopes and lifts, subways - this is something from which I would suffer for some couple of weeks until my wounds heal. I am tremendously sorry for those who have to suffer from it throughout their lives.

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