Visa-free, Savchenko, and offshore scandal: Poroshenko's last year's press conference

Author : Serhiy Zvihlyanych

Source : 112 Ukraine

We remember the key points of the last year conference to compare it with Poroshenko’s new rhetoric
17:09, 15 May 2017

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Sunday, May 14, Poroshenko gave first in this year press conference. President timed it to the Day of Europe and Ukraine’s visa-free travel to EU. Poroshenko have not spoken to reporters in this format for almost a year. His last big press conference took place June 6, 2016. Then he promised visa-free regime in 2016, purged himself for the offshores, and told the story of Nadia Savchenko release. In short, we remember the key points of the last year conference for you could compare it with Poroshenko’s new rhetoric.

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Ukraine will get visa-free regime in 2016

The debate on this issue is only about one point. This is about elaborating mechanism for suspending visa-free travel by European Commission. We do not mind. We are confident that Ukraine is able to fulfill all its obligations. The only thing is when the visa-free regime is introduced. We try to do everything possible to ensure that the government consider it before the summer.

Savchenko’s saga

This year I spoke by telephone with Putin for 3 times on this occasion. There was a consensus that we use the right to pardon. Then the date was scheduled for 18th, when I had right in line with the decision of the Ukrainian court to pardon the Russian soldiers... This, incidentally, was the tactic of Russian lawyers who coordinate their activities with the FSB artificially delaying the process. We agreed that the delay on their part would be stopped. We also agreed that there would be no artificial delay of Nadia’s turning home. Then there it was re-scheduled for 22nd, someone from the Russian side went on vacation. Then we appointed the last date, Nadia was put in my plane, at the same time they were put in the Russian plane, and simultaneously they fly in the sky.

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I did not launder any money

There is only one position: offshore scandal did not take place. It was an objective, professional journalistic investigation of Dmytro and the whole team of journalists who have found a few facts. Fact one: a company was engaged in the withdrawal of money from Ukraine, and they had strong evidence. An answer: there were not bank account and no transfers though. The company has not been used and could not be used either for minimization or for any other things. It was created with one purpose - to transfer the assets of President Poroshenko into a blind trust in order to separate power and business, as I promised.

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Zero progress on Donbas

Unfortunately, there is no progress on Donbas issue, this is almost zero progress. On the contrary, we see escalation of the situation.

"Peacemaker" (Myrotvorets) is wrong

Ukrainian activists with the facilitation of state authorities published a spreadsheet listing what appear to be the names and details of thousands of journalists who have received accreditation to report in the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DNR”). It prompted condemnation of foreign journalists and media organizations around the world. They published personal information on individuals that are deemed to be working against the interests of Ukraine.

I publicly condemn the publication of more than 4 thousand names of journalists at "Peacemaker" site. Unfortunately, I have information that some of these journalists prepare negative comments or articles about Ukraine. I am asking you not to do this. Because as president, I guarantee the safety of journalists in Ukraine. And we must develop a mechanism of legal crossing the front line and being on occupied territory. As President of Ukraine, and I am sure that Ukrainian government would support this position, we believe it was a very big mistake. There should be nothing dangerous for foreign journalists in Ukraine.

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The role of Medvedchuk

Medvedchuk in the tripartite contact group has one crucial feature - the release of hostages from Russia and from the occupied territories. No other functions he performs. He has twice coordinated some actions with the Russian side concerning Savchenko’s issue. Medvedchuk does not participate in the meetings of the Trilateral Contact Group, he is a member of Humanitarian Affairs subgroup.

New Russian appear in Donbas

According to intelligence, new Russian units appear in eastern Ukraine. Russia uses Donbas to test new types of equipment. We have learned to deal with it. Was developed a code telegram, enhanced intelligence and technical equipment. Ukraine has enough power to stop any offensive operations of any forces. The modern army is radically different from the army in 2014.

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