Viktor Medvedchuk: Yovanovitch harmed Ukraine badly in 2002 and continues to do this

Author : Viktor Medvedchuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Fragment of Viktor Medvedchuk's speech on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel
21:37, 29 May 2019

Chairman of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life Viktor Medvedchuk

The lawyer of Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani has recently made many statements. So the situation with Trump's enemies is not enviable. Including those from Ukraine.

In particular, Mrs. Yovanovitch was mentioned in his words. Regarding her, Mr. Giuliani is telling the truth. Moreover, I commented on it back in January of this year. When it came to the fact that the Kyiv District Administrative Court declared illegal the actions of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau head Sytnik and MP Leshchenko. They harmed the foreign policy of Ukraine and intervened in the electoral process to elect the president of the United States, accusing the head of his headquarters, Paul Manafort, without any evidence. This is true, and this is a court decision. It has not yet been considered in the appeal, but it exists. And when Mr. Giuliani, as a person close to the president, a lawyer, a very famous person, the ex-mayor of New York, today represents the interests of Mr. Trump and says that the Kyiv authorities were primitively limited to acting on the side of one candidate, a representative of the democrats ... They didn’t believe that Trump could win, they did everything possible, starting with Ambassador Chaly in the US, and ending here in Ukraine, publishing what they thought Paul Manafort’s criminal actions (although this investigation is not complete and it’s not known how it appeared). Here an issue arises: for many years they talked about Russia's interference in the U.S. elections, but they didn’t prove anything there, and we even have a court decision. And the U.S. is again preparing for new elections, and again Trump will go to the polls, and again the Democrats, already Biden, the former vice-president, is going to oppose him.

Returning to Yovanovitch, I want to tell you the following: this person has long been engaged in provocations. I can say this, and not only because the U.S. external administration was introduced in Kyiv and Ukraine. I can also say the following: when I was the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine in 2002, Yovanovitch, being the deputy head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Ukraine, was the first publicly accused (pay attention) Ukraine that our country illegally traded Kolchuga monitoring radar systems. You remember how much noise and shouting it was about the fact that this complex of detection of U.S. invisible fighters was allegedly delivered to Iraq. That time we fought with this dirt, the author and initiator of which was Mrs. Yovanovitch. She did it.

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And Ukraine paid for this with international isolation. Remember how the alphabet was changed English to French so that, God forbid, President of Ukraine Kuchma did not sit next to the President of the United States. I remember this NATO Prague Summit. Because I was present there with Kuchma. I remember how they bypassed the president of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine was questioned, his authority was poured with mud. I was then appointed chairman of the state commission to investigate these allegations. And we within the month proved the opposite. We found 45 copies of the produced Kolchugas, where they are located, in what country they are used. We found the location, we proved it. And in the UN Security Council, I reported this issue as the chairman of a state commission. And we proved that Ukraine did not sell Kolchugas to Iraq. So what? Did we hear the public apologies of the American side? Well no! A year has passed, the Americans went to Iraq. And also did not find any Kolchugas. Here you have the policy of America - the policy that Yovanovitch initially began to pursue, it is her great fault. I announced this as soon as she was appointed ambassador. This person has already harmed Ukraine in many respects, its international authority, its foundations, and the interests of all our citizens.

Therefore, what Giuliani is saying today seems to deserve attention. In the part in which I already described, this has already been confirmed.

Now regarding Mr. Kolomoisky. Let’s speak about the environment and the appointment of those who are today in the Presidential Administration and in other positions of the power team. It is no secret that Mr. Zelensky was associated with Mr. Kolomoisky. To what extent? I do not know that. But he worked on the channel owned by Mr. Kolomoisky. Does he have any obligations to him - we do not know. But it seems to me that Mr. Kolomoisky is trying not only to confirm his participation with his interviews, which he began to give so often lately. I have the impression that he wants to remind someone so that, God forbid, they do not forget him. This is he, he is behind everything, he has achieved this, he has reached this. This is my subjective point of view. I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that he wants to remind this first of all to Zelensky himself.

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