Undeniable evil: How to cure the war?

Author : Mykhailo Dubynyansky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Conflicts between Euromaidan supporters do not cause any surpises, but people with a pro-Ukrainian position are charged of Ukraine-phobia more often than average Putin supporters
20:31, 30 January 2017

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In the New Year, Ukrainians began to talk of the new ways of peace. The reasoning of domestic peacekeepers is obvious: the war is evil, and any suitable means should be used to stop it, including painful compromises and concessions to the enemy. There is no doubt that during 2017 we would many times hear something like that.

Well, war is undeniable evil. It is a serious illness, crippling our psyche, destroying moral compasses, forcing to hate and kill. But if the country was drawn into the war, and the infection has already occurred, it cannot be stopped by someone's command. Like any disease, war develops its own natural laws.

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And the country can die from this disease, as did the southern Confederation in 1865 and militarist Japan in 1945. This is a crushing military defeat and occupation of the country, when the will of society to resist was completely broken, and there is no energy to hate and fight.

The disease can be cured, when the war comes to an end with a sense of victory, and a satisfied society is returning to normal civilian life. This is the way of the United States, Britain and other Western victorious powers after the Second World War. The feeling of victory is illusory, like in France, which supposedly defeated Nazi Germany; but it is necessary to get rid of war injuries to ensure true recovery. And, you can eliminate the external symptoms of the disease and make it look as if the patient is healthy.

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That is how a humiliating "peace" looks like, imposed to a country at war, when a large part of society is still ready to fight. "The peace" with a taste of betrayal and a stolen victory. There is no real cure for the war, the disease takes a different form. Hatred and intolerance, caused by the war, will not disappear: deprived of external output, they begin to destroy the country from within.

A classic example is Weimar Germany, for which the Treaty of Versailles turned a real nightmare, the war of all against all. Arguments about the treacherous stab in the back, and violent searches of the internal enemy, Kapp Putsch in Berlin and the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, the communist uprising in the Ruhr and Hamburg, the murder of the Minister Erzberger and the murder of the Minister Rathenau, the political rise of a retired corporal, regular street carnage between red and brown...

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And similar precedents in the history are not rare: from the French who started to beat each other after the shameful peace with the Prussians; to the tiny El Salvador, forced to make peace with neighboring Honduras and soon fell into a thick mass unrest and civil war.

Alas, in the case of the humiliating "peace" in Russian conditions, Ukraine might repeat such a scenario. All generated by the war aggression will spill into the country; all unspent hatred of the enemy will come down on the Ukrainians. And it would be naive to think that its first victims will be domestic Putin bearers. Far from it!

Modern information society can turn people from one opinion to the opposite position; and it is done in some special “invisible” way. In fact, pro-Russian citizens for us become that “invisible army” no matter how many of them really live in Ukraine.

They are banned by patriotic users of social networks, they communicate only with each other, reading their own media - in other words, they live in a parallel universe that does not intersect with ours.

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On the other hand, supporters of independent Ukraine, Russian liberals and nationalists, are in the same information field. Therefore, the slightest difference of opinion immediately catches the eye, and the conflicts in the patriotic camp is erupting with enviable ease.

Dozens of mocking posts about Heavenly hundred are posted on Facebook, they would not cause any public response: most likely, no one will not see them, except author’s friends. But one little post of liberal Kyiv poet, who stood up with criticizing Bandera Avenue, caused a large-scale hysteria in social networks.

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Conflicts between Euromaidan supporters do not cause any surpises, and people with a pro-Ukrainian position have better chance of being charged of Ukraine-phobia.

Infected with war society expresses its aggression against those who are close to it, because Moscow is unattainable. It is much easier to be aggressive to yesterday's associates, who are speaking a different language or having a different point of view on history, than do something to defeat Putin and Shoigu. The less triumphant reports from the front we get, the more clear becomes this tendency. And the only thing that can oppose it is a persistent struggle with an external enemy. The fight, which gives hope for a victory and a full recovery from the war.

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Abandoning further resistance to the enemy, Ukraine agrees not only to give up Crimea or its movement to  the West, but also the remains of internal consolidation. Level of intolerance between Ukrainians for each other is high enough - although our position are not betrayed yet. And if we take an artificial "peace", this intolerance will increase many times, becoming a destructive storm.

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All martial ardor of the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation is used against the recent adherents. They will search for national-traitors, saboteurs, enemies, those responsible for the defeat and humiliation. They will be the victims of the bitterness of capitulation to the Kremlin. We cannot predict the real scale of the hatred, which not get a natural exit.

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