Ukrainian visa is the most expensive in the world (Part 2)

Author : Bohdan Lohvynenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

The current system of issuing visas to Ukraine is a black corrupt scheme that protects only the interests of its organizers
10:00, 3 March 2016

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Here is another example.

A businessman from the Middle East, which had partners in Ukraine, and also had the U.S. and Schengen visa, planned to visit Ukraine for establishing new areas of cooperation; at the request of Ukrainian consul, he gave $ 3 thousand for a business visa.

Aliens, by the way, often are not even aware which part of this money is for the visa, and which, in fact, is a bribe. To solve this problem, there must be a unified and clear infographics, very simple - how to get Ukrainian visa, with a notable point of contact for complaints for violations of the process.

The businessman had a bank statement with several tens of millions of dollars and flew to Ukraine in Business Class. However, when he landed in Boryspil, Ukrainian border guards turned him near the plane, despite the fact that his Ukrainian partners came to the airport and also hi had return tickets.

The fact is that because of the deteriorating security situation in the Middle East after ISIS activation, the flow of refugees had increased.

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However, this did not affect the work of Ukrainian consulates. There are facts that the visas to Ukraine are sold indiscriminately. They buy and fly to the Ukraine, where just at the airport border guards often detain refugees and make go them back. Or do not return, receiving a bribe.

But perhaps such secrecy protects Ukraine of illegal immigration? Or the arrival of terrorists and other unwanted "guests"?

But actually the safety of Ukrainians is not the main question here.

The current system of issuing visas to Ukraine is a black corrupt scheme that protects only the interests of its organizers.

Compare how visas to Singapore are organized. Visa to one of the most expensive and most developed countries could be got online, you fill a form and your visa comes in 30 minutes. Or does not come if the system finds something suspicious in your face or your name reveal a single database offenses.

You do not have to print the visa, just show it on your phone.

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And in Ukraine?

We are losing investments and do not have protection from unwanted guests.

Foreigner often discovers the country with the consular post. And here once a bunch of questions. Why the process of obtaining Ukrainian visa is that complex? Why so expensive - $ 200 for multivisa and it is the official price.

By comparison, visa to Thailand costs $ 35, Indonesia - $ 50, Sri Lanka - $ 30 Singapore - about $ 30.

This incredible country with a developed tourist sector get their visa is easy.

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, and it is less afraid of illegal immigration than Ukraine does.

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For most tourists the trip is over after some attempts of getting visa, they are not motivated to take these complex procedures. Only those who are really "very necessary" might get to Ukraine. And then, as we learned from violations - not always.

In his book "Goodbye, empire!" Georgian Kakha Bendukidze reformer is fairly straightforward story about how Georgia has changed its relation to foreigners. Georgia did not waited for the liberalization of the others. Georgia just made it itself - because it needed foreign tourists, investments, students. Here is an excerpt from the book:

- What is the sense in all these visas, who came up with them? I went to Misha and asked him: "By requiring visas to residents of the European Union, what do we aim to reach?" He thought and said: "I do not know". He called the Minister of Foreign Affairs, why do we require visas to residents of the European Union? "For thus opened! All civilized countries are doing this!" The President called Security Council Secretary: "You know, why do we do it?" "No, I do not know". "Let us cancel them," I said. The person cannot be a terrorist, because he was already checked by Europe. Do you think that the terrorists come from Germany to us? That is why Americans, Canadians, Australians, and the Japanese do not need a visa, of course.

Misha called Minister of Foreign Affairs: let's do it. And she does nothing. I wondered why. "Security Service will be against it". The meeting of the government, he took her by the hand to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili. "Vano, what do you think about canceling the visas?" He told that he did not mind. Did you mind? She said she did not mind. So why do we need them? She said: "I do not know. Everyone needs it".

Then we expanded the list of visa-free countries: first, we forgot about Norway because it is not in the European Union, South Korea, Gulf Cooperation Council, except for Saudi Arabia by Wahhabis. We also have visa-free regime with the CIS countries.

Indeed, people began to come, come, and come. For example, Georgia is the only country which could be entered without a visa by the citizens of Israel and Iran. Just to see each other. Simple Iranian and Israeli virtually anywhere else cannot see each other. There is no such a place, and we have agreed with Iran on a bilateral visa-free exchange.

Can Ukraine boast of such achievements? No.

Our country is still closed. And the reason is not the protection of our national interests.

Difficult and unnecessary bureaucracy is always hidden by the private interest of the parties.

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