Ukrainian true fans of iPhones or making a splash is better than cash

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Often Ukrainians spare like Scrooge to buy iPhone (even not the newest model)
23:17, 14 September 2017

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The presentation of new Apple has already forced many to look into their wallets and understand that saving money for a new IPhone will take a lot.

And these are the results of getting into the Jobs’s trap: the situation when the new Apple gadget becomes outdated in a year – until the presentation of a new model. The brand new IPhone immediately turns into an old one, which no one needs anymore.

Of course, there were enough comments during the presentation of new gadgets, lots of people were discussing amazing promo video, which showed few pictures of Kyiv station. This is a reason for rejoice, and frankly I do not understand why our politicians do no comment on this, saying that "This once again underscores international recognition and a solid coalition in support of Ukraine and its reforms."

Despite this fanatic interest and attention paid to new iPhone products, most of Ukrainians can afford buying a battery cover lid of the new telephone. According to the UN data, 60% of Ukrainians live below the poverty line. The minimum wage in Ukraine is $ 120. Often Ukrainians spare like Scrooge to buy iPhone (even not the newest model), because iPhone belong to luxury goods in Ukraine. But as you know, making a splash is better than cash. Internet users make jokes of new iPhone: “Oh, what a wonderful iPhone. But thanks, I prefer not to sell my kidneys to buy this new gadget.”

For most of Ukrainian citizens, release of the new iPhone would go undetected. However it cannot be said about Ukrainian politicians, who are great lovers of luxury and bluff. Here are some Ukrainian officials, who do not even hide their iLove.


Yuriy Lutsenko, Prosecutor General. In his interview with 1+1, he said that one of his biggest challenges after release from imprisonment was learning to use iPhone.


Olena Kosheleva, Radical Party of Lyashko


Serhiy Vlasenko, Batkivshchyna

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Anton Herashchenko, MP, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs

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Mikheil Saakashvili, ex-head of Odesa regional administration

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