Ukrainian MPs cheat on people every day - Savchenko

Author : Nadiya Savchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

"And if we continue to pay them money and let them fool us, then I don’t understand the purpose of Maidan, of all the blood, of this war"..
17:22, 6 June 2016


I support the judicial reform. I am not satisfied with a lot of articles. Of course, I cannot talk about each of them, because they take a lot of pages; my assistants help me to read them out. There are many things I don’t like in this document. I do not like a crazy salary, although they say that this is a measure against corruption. Russia also stands against corruption. But its court has convicted me. Russia has condemned every Ukrainian. What corruption and law are we talking about?

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The salary is not an obstacle to create lawlessness. In Ukraine’s government, Parliament, President’s office, and courts, people should work for people, without money, for the sake of Ukraine. This is what Maidan stood for. And if we continue to pay them money and let them fool us, then I don’t understand the purpose of Maidan, of all the blood, of this war. I think just like an ordinary Ukrainian, like each ordinary person thinks. I will continue to learn the way the politicians think. 

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I listen what laws they vote for. For example, one MP proposed amendments to the pension reform. She said nice words; I listened to her and understood that this is something beneficial for people. I pressed the button "yes", and then I get suspicious so simply pulled my MP card off. I asked to show me the amendments. I look at them and now I just cannot understand how MPs work in such a way. She said one thing, and the amendments are all about something completely different. She spoke of good things only and forgot about the bad ones. I am very lucky that I have withdrawn my card...

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Unfortunately, I know that deputy since I was like other simple people. I am the people. I want just to say this MP that if I hear such nonsense in the Parliament once again, if this is how it works, then, excuse me, we are just cheating on people every day. I do not want to work in such a way.

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