“Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign” as a subterfuge

Author : Serhii Zvyhlianych

Source : 112 Ukraine

President Trump claimed that Ukraine spilled into the US election, but this is rather his attempt to smooth the scandal with Russian involvement
09:32, 26 July 2017

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Yesterday, Donald Trump has complained that the US Attorney General does not investigate the case of Ukraine's interference in US elections. Like, here are those who worked for Hillary, but there is no investigation, while everyone is talking about the intervention of Russia. In the United States, nobody really deals with Ukrainian interference. But why Trump highlights this for the second time?

It is obvious that if Congressmen and prosecutors prove that Russia's interference in the elections really took place, it would fundamentally shake Trump's position. Yes, everyone is talking about it openly, but in the country where the law is honored, and the evidence is above all, only the final response of the investigation will put an end to the issue. And then it may turn out that Trump's victory is fake. The US president was chosen not by the Americans, but by the enemies. And it does not matter what Trump's program is, what he does: the law is the law. Now the congress is talking about impeachment, but imagine what might happen if Robert Muller proves that the Russians broke the system and influenced the final result.

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Trump’s team, in fact, has two ways out of the situation - to prove his innocence and innocence to all this or to translate everything into absurdity, to smooth out the scale. Obviously, the team works in both directions. And the theses about Ukraine's interference in the election on the side of Clinton - this is an attempt to smooth out the scandal. Trump clearly points out that even if Ukraine interfered in the elections, theoretically, Russia could do it too, and even China or other countries. That is, instead of an election investigation, let us take care of the warning in the future. And forget about Russia, since you have a “passage yard” here, and each country can influence the result. Besides, they intervened not only for Trump, but also for Hillary. So, do not question the fairness of the election of a billionaire president.

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Yes, if such a campaign was taken by the media, this would have smoothed out the scandal. However, there are bad news for the American president - the leading mass media in the US do not sympathize with him, and the congressmen consider Russia as an enemy, and Ukraine as a victim of aggression, which needs a support. And even if the prosecutor's office proved the interference of Kyiv (and I'm sure that it will not even come to the investigation), it would not have any tangible consequences for Ukraine. The White House probably has voiced a reprimanded to Petro Poroshenko, perhaps this involves a review of the volume of aid to Ukraine, but globally nothing has changed, because Congress in the United States is not the Verkhovna Rada, and it has real powers.

That is why Trump needs to put pressure on moral aspects, periodically raising this topic, recalling its existence in a permanent conflict with congressmen. This is not the first time that such statements have been heard from the White House, but every time the media reacts sluggishly to this, like the congressmen themselves.

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And dodgy journalists, who are averse to the president, can turn this post against him. Trump tries to take a blow from Putin, and America will not discuss Ukraine’s useless attempts to help Clinton in some way, but the conspiracy guesses that a secret meeting in Hamburg, Putin has whispered Trump something about the dominance of Russian spies in the US and concessions to Putin in Syria. This information trend is popular in America today.

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At the beginning of the year, the American edition Politico issued an article pointing out that Ukraine had intervened in the American elections and is now suffering from it. Now this thesis can be slightly changed - Ukraine has intervened in the American elections, and now it is used to pay settle old scores. I think we should not get frustrated because Trump has mentioned Ukraine on Twitter. It is a free advertisement, seen by hundreds of millions of people. Not every day the leader of the most powerful country in the world says that Ukraine is so influential that it has influenced the elections in the US.

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