Ukrainian authorities use Donbas conflict to justify non-effective policy

Author : Viktor Yushchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Viktor Yushchenko on Poroshenko's mistakes made during his presidency
23:17, 2 November 2017

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Donbas conflict is often used by the authorities to justify a non-effective policy or its absence. Meanwhile, we are currently experiencing the highest level of corruption is the in the history of our state!

One of the most important problems in Ukraine is that non-governmental institutions were not able to monitor the activities of the authorities. Many promises made during the election have not been fulfilled. This applies not only to the current power team, but also to the previous ones. I am glad that people in Kyiv go out and ask the authorities to fulfill their promises. I do not see any tragedy in this, nor in the beginning of the Maidan. Civil society must act.

I believe that the President of Ukraine should take into consideration such rallies.

Those who have the hope that this way will strengthen their positions in parliament claim about early elections. It is enough that somebody will grow up support, and this is already a reason to talk about early elections. Meanwhile, we must change the electoral system and create such a mechanism that would open the door to the Ukrainian politics to the effective forces.


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There is no point in voting without reforming the Central Election Commission, which is often responsible for various kinds of manipulation. The shuffle of old political forces without reform of the judiciary and electoral systems makes no sense. We need qualitative changes in the parliament, new political formations. During the last Maidan, a new political generation emerged, but it could not hold its political force in parliament. The leaders of the Maidan were absorbed by political dinosaurs that have considerable material resources.

What mistakes Poroshenko made during his presidency?

At first, it was about the reform plan, which comprised 46 points, and now they are already talking about 144 points. Why do you convince people that over a quarter of a century nothing was done and that now a young team come to start first reforms? Now we are pulled back in the development of the old form of economy. Actually, it forms about 56 percent of Ukraine's GDP. Every second firm does not cooperate with the state.

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Monopolization and oligarchization of the Ukrainian model of economy deprives us of not only economic but also social perspectives. Independent analytical circles have calculated that 140 billion dollars have been deducted from Ukraine in the tax district.

Of course, this process lasts not two or three years. This is a long story. Just like in Russia, the apogee of this phenomenon in Ukraine took place in the 90's. Now we are heading in the direction of the International Monetary Fund to get $ 17 billion over four years. Maybe we should organize a "round table" and try to answer the question: What should be done to return those 140 billion dollars back to Ukraine?

War is often used to justify a dysfunctional policy or the absence of any policy. Indeed, it creates many new problems, but economy is its second front. If we suffer defeat on the second front, then we will lose on the first one. For three years, the devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia has reached 350 percent. But why Stalin did not let ruble devaluation in 1942, but only in 1946? Because a stable national currency is an effective way to fight the occupier. Why half of Ukrainian banks have gone bankrupt during the last year and a half?

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I cannot understand why half a year ago we had 47 percent inflation. Here we are talking not about the war, but about the weak financial, monetary, and banking policies. There are many examples where a long-standing war did not hinder the development of the state.

Speaking about Donbas, we are not thinking about territory, but about people. It is not true that everything is in the hands of diplomats now. I respect the efforts of Ukrainian diplomacy, but still I cannot speak about its effectiveness, since after three years of war we have 60 thousand killed and wounded Ukrainians. We must sit at the negotiating table with the occupier, not with Zakharchenko or Plotnitsky, who do not decide anything.

Having renounced nuclear weapons, after signing the Budapest Memorandum in 1994, Ukraine received security guarantees not only from Russia, but also from Great Britain and the United States. Where are these guarantees? For three years, we have not received any significant financial or humanitarian support from the West. Where is the "Marshall Plan" for Ukraine? We often get the impression that we are waging war alone. In addition, the European Union no longer speaks in one voice. Russia has extracted three or four European countries from this deck, singing in a different tone.


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If we are talking about the Carpathian Ukraine, its creator Augustin Voloshyn ended his life in a Russian concentration camp. In turn, Stepan Bandera, who proclaimed independent Ukraine, spent four years in Nazi concentration camps. The 40s were the years of the heyday of the Polish liberation movement. The best Polish sons fought for independent Poland, as it was before 1939.

But on the same territory an independent Ukraine was created. The best sons of Ukraine fought for the same idea with the same methods. I understand the motivation of the people who fought for Poland, but I also understand the great goal that the Ukrainian men who fought for the creation of Ukraine had in their heads. In the twentieth century, Ukraine proclaimed independence for six times and lost it five times. The fact that now it is independent, testifies to determination.

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