Ukraine's martial law in layman’s terms

Author : Viktor Ruzhynskyy

Source : 112 Ukraine

Some ATMs in Kyiv have "suddenly" ran out of money, empty shelves appeared in the supermarkets, and the currency exchange rate increased
16:00, 28 November 2018

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What is the main mistake in an extraordinary situation? That's right, a panic! And what do Ukrainians do in such cases? That's right, they do panic. Someone has resupplied his buckwheat stock for a couple of months. Someone has withdrawn all the money from his cards. Someone shot himself in a foot and changed hryvnia at a really high rate (29 UAH per 1 USD). Or even bought tickets abroad.

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It seems that many Ukrainians follow the rule: “Always panic in any extraordinary situation.”

Yesterday, Ukrainian supermarkets looked like this:  


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And this was even before Verkhovna Rada has declared the martial law. Some ATMs in Kyiv have "suddenly" ran out of money. Today, our readers write that it is already problematic to withdraw cash in a number of towns. Flour and buckwheat are already in short supply.

The dollar exchange rate in banks on rose to almost 29 UAH, or even 30 UAH! 

I have got a simple question: why? People, why are you doing this? Are the hostile tanks chasing you? Or is there a shortage of food in the country and you will have nothing to eat tomorrow?

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Martial law is not a war! Martial law is a special legal regime introduced in the event of armed aggression or the threat of attack, danger to the state independence of Ukraine, its territorial integrity. Let us think together. The threat has been hanging over our country for five years; nothing has changed much. The fact that the authorities have decided for some reason to change the legal regime, endowing themselves with broader powers, will not affect your wallet and the presence of buckwheat in the store. Unless people create a panic themselves. 

The authorities have already stated that they will not take any measures not to violate the usual rhythm of life of the citizens unless the Russian Federation attacks Ukraine. This means that as long as Russian tanks do not go to the West, no one will take your car, force you to dig trenches, and will not even forbid posting nasty things on Facebook. The likelihood that a full-scale war begins is very, very low. So, it is unlikely that ordinary citizens, in general, will be affected by martial law. Yes, the military will dig up anti-tank ditches; they will check the lists of the reservists and check the military equipment. And the rest is unlikely to change. Even pensions and salaries will be paid on time!

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Therefore, the panic in this situation is not just not required, but also harmful. Nobody wants prices to jump as a result of a high demand, foreign currency exchangers increase the dollar rate (which will affect all the prices) so that the situation with an already half-dead economy would only be worsened. If you do not want this, stop panic and do your own business.

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