Ukraine's European dream: Zoom in and zoom out

Author : Maria Holub

Source : 112 Ukraine

Maidan protests mean a victory, but the taste of dissatisfaction is becoming tangible
16:59, 22 November 2016

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It seems the anniversary of Euromaidan Ukraine met with very mixed feelings. This is a victory, but the taste of dissatisfaction is becoming tangible. We, as a country are candidate for membership in the European clubs, paid for these aspirations highest price: the blood and lives of people. That did not save us from  "no!" on Dutch referendum in April, nor delays in granting visa-free regime, despite the implementation by Ukraine of its obligations.

The reality and the fact that, in Europe, its agenda, its problems, its geopolitical strategy are often different from ours.

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Moreover, the EU is now not ready for a "generous and patient marker" by which he seems to have defined our government. That approach "Give us a little more credit, build roads, fix all the holes in the budget, winterize homes in exchange for reforms imitation or cosmetic changes," does not work as expected.

Another fact that is slowly but comes to our mind: how this war for us, without us and apart from us, no one wins and reforms - do they should not officials in Brussels, and for themselves, taking Agreement Association as a "roadmap" for these transformations that have proved their effectiveness.

And three years after the Revolution of Dignity many only strengthened understanding: it is not the political elite, which will lead us to the European Union.

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The real and conscious European integrators - in the critical minority, and at each step are not supported, and obstacles. Thus, the key European reforms (such as in the case of presidential veto on important environmental laws or European integration problem at every step introduction of electronic declaration) are sabotaged.

In turn, people do not want to excuse the authorities that the huge credit of trust given to varying degrees, but all democratic political forces, without exception, all the "they" had done so, so "not enough." Including our rapprochement with the EU, especially in the sense of people do not even mean "visa-free" and the coveted European living standards.

As a result - rising populist and protest potential of society. But worst of all - the risk of discrediting the idea of European integration as a choice and, moreover, to offer to replace anything.

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Great "communication" mistake, however, made rather unconsciously, was to create the illusion of people in an instant effect of the Agreement.

That will not have time to dry ink on ratification - and we will have European salaries, pensions and roads.

Meanwhile, European integration is about long term benefits and prospects. Yes, it is about the prosperous life of GDP growth, on access to the EU market - but subject to tight modernization deep reforms, zero tolerance to corruption and unquestioning adherence to rules and procedures, especially in matters of trade.

Thus, the agreement with the EU obliges us to implement approximately 350 European directives, regulations and decisions until 2025, but the actual implementation of many European integration changes, for example in the field of environment, it may take even more time.

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Accordingly, it is a long game, and with the understanding that the main beneficiary will probably only next generation. At least 5 points should be fulfilled:

  1. Increase the proportion of European integration and the weight component in speeches, statements, actions and plans of all, without exception, politicians and top officials.

We finally got an effective deputy prime minister for European integration, but to achieve results all without exception political establishment has consolidated to play as a team.

That criticism, defend their position, but not to question choices and vector development. At one time acted as Poland. So much they could.

  1. To form and maintain a sense of community perception of the "accessories" for the implementation of the European integration reforms.

This means that everyone from the president to workers and housewives, should clearly understand what their agreement with the EU as the most to benefit from enhanced cooperation with the EU.

  1. More clearly define system Coordination of European integration policy.

Min - run simplified the mechanism of European integration laws at the same time enhancing the human capacities of ministries and departments and the introduction of effective safeguards for those legislative initiatives that do not comply or directly contradict our European integration commitments' Liabilities.

  1. Systematically monitor the implementation of the Agreement and honestly report how the successes and the problems.
  2. Focus on the achievements and opportunities. We had them unnecessarily talking unreasonably little glory in ourselves and the world.

For example, State Fiscal Service proposes preliminary data, in January-October 2016 value of exports of goods from Ukraine to the EU over the same period last year increased by 3.7%. This is a victory!

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What about ProZorro, our nuts on the table in the royal family in the Netherlands and export of equipment for the needs of NATO. Isn’t it well done?!

Returning to our relations with the EU. Eugene Konovalets once aptly said: "How long will an independent Ukrainian state, so long will order in Europe." Times have changed, the situation - not very.

Peaceful, strong, and stable Ukraine is a reliable partner in security and economic interests of the European Union.

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But the partnership - this is not the position of "extended hand" – this is the responsibility.

For such a paradigm shift in our relations with the EU means that the declared aim should be to bring concrete action: systemic reforms, strengthening defense, reset many (if not all) institutions and, of course, consistent implementation of the Association Agreement.

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