Ukraine’s development is too slow

Author : Natalia Bilous

Source : 112 Ukraine

Only 10% of Ukrainians are members of public organizations
16:50, 25 July 2017

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Soon Ukraine to celebrate its 26 birthday. If we compare this age with a life of a human, we will end up with the following conclusion: at age 26 the personality has already been formed, she has her own tastes and preferences, she has graduated from university and has found a job. That is, she has became a mature cell of society.

Extrapolating it from a person to a country, we should remember that in its 26 years, Ukraine has an unstable political and economic system, lacks of its own opinion, so to speak, it is always adjusting to the more experienced and mature international actors.

So let us analyze what is happening with the Ukrainians, the people with rich history and culture, the people that can be easily manipulated by any politician.

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People do not have enough resources or time to participate in political life. The souls of citizens are filled with political apathy. On the one hand, every person is independent and defenseless at the same time. Independence gives person confidence, raises self-esteem, and defenselessness gives an opinion that everyone counts only on their own strength, because everyone is "equally weak and indifferent." Neighbors hate each other only for the reason that each of them considers the other equal to themselves. On the other hand, Ukrainians live by double standards: both "proud and slavishly compliant": contemptuous of any boss and humiliatingly flattering to any oligarch. At the same time, power expands its the sphere of influence, and citizens work for this power. Accordingly, Ukrainians allow the authorities to conduct experiments on themselves and drag themselves into situation, which leads to the centralization of power. As you know, any central government is "in love with uniformity." Instead of creating laws for all people, they promote the idea of "customizing all people under one law," destroying local self-government, which is a powerful source of people's sovereignty; and the individual falls into complete dependence on power.

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If ordinary citizens want to become smarter, it is not enough to know laws and the Constitution. Local self-government should become a real school of legal and political education. In addition, a strong and independent judiciary is needed, which should be an effective counterbalance to administrative power. Not the state organs play a decisive role, but the mentality of the people, its traditions, habits and moral foundations of the nation, also called for a "detrimental attraction to equality", which leads only to "equality in slavery," without any qualitative changes and real reforms.

These components are the answer to the question: why Ukraine’s development is so slow. Only 10% of citizens (out of 40 million people) are members of public organizations that take time to monitor the actions of the authorities.

Domestic and international experts repeat that changes are taking place at the level of mentality, otherwise no one would ever save Ukraine. Logically, if the people themselves do not want to change anything for themselves, but prefer to wait for a miracle, this miracle would not happen.

Ukraine became a witness of two Maidans, occupation of Crimea, war in Donbas, but the citizens have not learned to think strategically, for the future years. They do not thing about socio-economic development, and everything comes down to local issues, mini-decisions and dreams that Ukraine would develop in some magical way.

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Perhaps, the citizens themselves are afraid to admit that it is easier to live this way and blame someone, but not yourself. For example, to pay unreasonable taxes for business activities, instead of trying to oppose the system.

I do not want to offend and humiliate my fellow citizens, on the contrary - I ask them to start the changes today. I ask not to postpone the reforms for the future and delay the progress in Ukraine. Ukraine is the center of Europe, and we do not need to wait for orders from the hegemons, we ourselves are able to put things in order in our country. We do not need to talk much about our history, regret about what happened, most importantly – we should not expect any mercy from arrogant politicians. You can wait another 100 years and nothing good might happen. Nowadays, every citizen can work in the field of local government, work in the parliament and other private and public organizations. You do not need to be the owner of large business and have billions of dollars to make a positive contribution to your country.

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