Ukraine's Academy of Sciences is a latifundist

Author : Maksym Martynyuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine's acting Minister of Agriculture on land reform and Academy of Sciences
12:27, 1 August 2017

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After the statement about resignation of the Minister of Agrarian Policy Taras Kutovy, the management of the main agrarian ministry passed to his first deputy, the ex-head of the main land department Maksym Martynyuk. In an interview with, the official did not hide that now he actually controls the work of the agrarian department, whereas Kutovy himself does not show up there since the moment of resignation. Martyniuk also admitted that he knew Prime Minister Groysman, as he worked under his leadership in Vinnytsia in 2011, and moved to Kyiv at his suggestion. Now he faces the task of starting the land reform and opening a full-fledged land market. 

I think the main task of Academy of Sciences is not dealing with goods and manufacturing, showing high harvesting rates and so on. Academy of Sciences should deal with science. Science is divided into two categories: fundamental and practical. First one means laboratories, second one is breeding of new species of wheat, selection, developing of the new kinds. Reproduction of species does not belong to the competence of Academy of Science. Monsanto provides reproduction on the base of farmer’s areas, while Academy of Sciences is not able to do it. Seed business is just business, which should be separated from science. The state should reconsider its attitude toward financing of science. We face huge problems, all our academies face challenges. Speaking about agrarian academy, this problem is connected with launching young employees. Young people use not to work in this sphere due to the low salaries and other unfavorable conditions. And this is a real threat for the science, because institutional memory, scientific researches require involvement of the new generations.

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Which practical steps should be implemented? The special group in the Ministry of Agriculture does not work. The main task of this group is to check land use efficiency of the Academy. This is just a game. The ministerial group really exists, but it does not fulfill its functions.

I am deeply concerned that Ukraine's Academy of Sciences is a latifundist. Even deeper is a concern about the state of the very science in Ukraine. We have lost a lot of battles in this war. We have lost a battle for selection of sugar beet. 100% of our market belongs to foreign selectors. we use the legacy of the Soviet times. When speaking about seeds, these is Myronivska wheat, which definitely was not selected during last 25 years.

And this is a question of national security. Because Ukraine might remain without crop at all. In theory, it might be left without that seeds import, including European one.

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Speaking about the land reform, I think that, first and foremost, it is hindered by the perception and specific attitude of society towards the issue of land. First, the issue of the land for a Ukrainian is a very sensitive question. One hundred years ago, the Ukrainian state fell to a large extent because of the land issue. Plus the 17 years of the moratorium on the sale of land have led to the fact that this question is supposedly economic, but it first of all turned into a purely political one. Now, according to sociological surveys, conducted a year ago, at least 75% people favored the continuation of the moratorium, because the politicians frightened them with all sorts of horror stories, most of which had nothing to do with reality. Current sociological studies show a change in trends: 30% people support the land market, 40% do not support, and the rest have not decided on their attitude. There are separate groups of farmers who support land reform, for example, gardeners. Plus, the government gives powerful messages that we are set to carry out reforms in the interests of small and medium-sized producers. We would not want agroholdings or five families, of whom everyone is speaking, to redeem all the large holdings and concentrate the land in their hands. Although, in reality, this has already happened during the moratorium.

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