Ukraine wants to jump into the last train of European Union

Author : Volodymyr Man'ko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine intends to become a member of the European Union, but Russia and Europe might take the wind out of its sails
10:00, 12 January 2016

Ukraine has signed an association agreement with the liberal Europe, not with a conservative one. Therefore, the change of the political preferences of Europeans can lead to some complications.

Europeans become more right-oriented due to mass migration, horrific acts of terrorism, and riots in the streets. It is strange that the average European is still standing on the liberal positions. At the same time, radical organizations, such as as the Front national in France and PEGIDA in Germany become more and more popular.

In addition, we can also observe some contradictions between the old Europe and the new one (Eastern), especially when it comes to migration and the role of national level in the system of the pan-European governance.

I personally do not believe in the collapse of the EU, because Europeans has been seeking unity for long centuries. Back in the nineteenth century French philosopher Saint-Simon voiced his vision of a united Europe. However, certain changes will take place, and they have already begun. In some time we might face the situation where conservative or nationalist governments of European countries will stop their policy of total openness, and it will be a good time to reform the EU. What reforms could be offered by the right forces? First of all, it is strict control over migration, deportation of illegal immigrants, regulation of Schengen zone. After that a reasonable question would arise: does European Union need to enlarge?

Ukraine has set the goal of becoming a member of the European Union. It could be prevented from such a desire both by Russia and by Europe.

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So today, we need to be quick with fulfilling the requirements for the reforms necessary for integration; only then we would be able to jump on a train called the "EU". There is some progress in this direction. However, there are some hitches. For example, the entry into force of the free trade zone with the EU does not mean the entry into force of the Association Agreement. The agreement has not entered into force yet. Nearly half of the provisions of the agreement (now including a free trade area) work in a mode of provisional application. Another half would work after the whole transaction enters into force.

Consultative referendum in the Netherlands would be a real challenge for Ukraine. Despite the fact that the referendum will not have a binding effect, it is necessary to win. We must explain the Dutch, who we are and why do we knock to our home, to Europe, and why Ukrainians died on the Maidan. If we lose, such polls could be initiated in other EU countries.

One of the main tasks of the President and the Government on the foreign policy front is to accelerate the process of European integration of Ukraine. It is definitely easier to deal with the liberals Euro-optimists, which is in power in Europe. After all, they might be replaced by the conservatives, who are Eurosceptics (like in Poland), which have completely different vision of the European future.

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