Ukraine fatigue is gripping Western Europe

Author : Laurinas Kashchunas

Source : 112 Ukraine

Political scientist Laurinas Kashchunas: The precedent with Saakashvili does not make a very good impression
15:38, 14 September 2017

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The precedent with Saakashvili does not make a very good impression. Everything was done in a very provocative manner. We know this manner very well, because we keep an ear on the ground of Russian propaganda. We know what to expect. One of the goals of Russian propaganda is discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of Western countries. This creates an element of provocation and gives propaganda an opportunity to show that there is total disorder in Ukraine.

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Therefore, it is necessary to control the situation to avoid  further aggravation. Here the comes to the international level, it is necessary to control it. The situation might worsen.

I saw people from Saakashvili’s milieu, different political figures, Ukrainian politicians, Tymoshenko and others. And this is a signal that the situation will also escalate to the political level. This is defamation of Ukraine’s political system, and this is obviously not good. Here we must think how to preserve the status, somehow strengthen the authority of Ukraine, and not destroy it.

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To be frank, it is hard to comment on this. I think there must be some judicial solution. The biggest problem of this situation is that we omitted judicial path and began resolving the conflict directly on the street, in the media, on the political arena. This option is failed.

But, of course, from the very beginning a provocative nature of the situation was obvious. And this is not good.

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After that, European attitude to Ukraine will definitely not improve. We live at a time that our diplomats are forced to repeat to Western Europe: "Do not turn away your face from Ukraine." But this is not that easy. Western Europe is already suffering from some fatigue. This chaos is not good for our image, and it is necessary to fix it.

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As was reported before, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stopped the Ukrainian citizenship of the former president of Georgia and the former Chairman of Odesa Region State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili by the decree on the basis of the point 2, article 19 of the Decree on Citizenship, precisely on the basis of the false data that is indicated at the form. Saakashvili wrote that he is not under the investigation in Ukraine or in any other country but it is known that the former president was arrested in absentia in Georgia.

The migration service also noted that the MP Andry Lozovoy filed the request to the General Prosecutor Office concerning the citizenship of Saakashvili and the prosecutor’s office contacted the service. And the Commission on Citizenship Issue made the proper decision on the request.

On August 16, Mikheil Saakashvili announced that he would return to Ukraine on September 10 through the checkpoint in Lviv region. However, the Deputy Head of State Border Guard service of Ukraine Vasyl Servatiuk said that the Ukrainian passports will be seized from the politician and he will be returned to Poland

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine confirmed the receipt of a request for the extradition of Mikheil Saakashvili, since in Georgia he acts as a defendant in 4 four criminal proceedings and on August 4, 2014 was put on the wanted list.

Saakashvili did arrive in Ukraine on Sunday, August 10.

Saakashvili literally broke into Ukraine, because the crowd that gathered at the checkpoint broke through the border from the Ukrainian side and made a fight with the border guards who were in the transit zone.

Initially, it was planned that he would cross the border through the checkpoint Krakowiec. There was a lot of his supporters, and there was even a fight with the police. As a result of the riots, more than one hundred people were detained. Considering all this, the party decided that Saakashvili would go to Ukraine by train from Przemysl.

However, the train was delayed, as reported in the "Ukrzaliznytsya" because of a man who has no reason to enter Ukraine. It was, apparently, Mikheil Saakashvili.

As a result, the passengers of the train, and with them Saakashvili, were taken to the bus and headed to the Shegyni checkpoint where many people have already gathered to support Saakashvili.

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