Ukraine and the echo of the terrorist attacks in Brussels

Author : Bohdan Petrenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

When the European Union as one of the mediators of Donbas conflict faces its own "inside" storm, then the attention to the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian problem is sharply reduced
14:24, 23 March 2016


Brussels, as the de facto capital of the European Union, has not been able to avoid terrorist attacks. This is a symbolic city not only for Europeans, but it is also the center of decision-making on EU foreign policy. It is understood that an information trail of attacks indicates that they have radical-Islamic origin. And the reason for these ideas was the detention of one of the initiators of terrorist attacks in Paris.

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Probably, the attacks would be “bloodier” if the man were not detained. Because with access to one of the leaders of the security services it would be easy to find the shelter and safe houses of terrorists. Therefore, the terrorists had to act more quickly than operatives. Not only to get rid of the explosives, but also to break the links that could lead police to the sponsors of these terrorist attacks in Europe.

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When the European Union as one of the mediators of Donbas conflict faces the inside storm, then the attention to the peaceful settlement of the problem is sharply reduced. Therefore, the first thing you can say, the attention to Ukraine is decreased. It is possible that having been engaged in internal security matters, the EU might forget abut Ukrainian question. And no one in particular would not stop the Empire from putting another blow, not even necessarily in Donbas. The interest of Russia is to keep the whole Ukraine under control.

Second, spring is not only an exacerbation of mental illness, but also the period of the flow of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. Today's attacks were to emphasize once again that the European Union must tighten the requirements for migrants. After all, part of the European countries has refused from the decision to give shelter to the refugees. Run these migrants would go to a place which is less dangerous. Perhaps not on the same scale as in Germany, but in a sufficient amount to provoke panic in Ukraine, there are expectations that trillions of the refugees to enter our towns and villages, and take our jobs. And there would be lots of rumors that they will perform the terrorist attacks here. And it is a reason to enhance moods and activities of far-right extremist groups. That, in turn, will increase the aggressiveness in the society and will contribute to a further escalation of the internal conflict.

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Third, Ukraine in two steps to a visa-free regime. And recently a visa-free regime for the year has already been promised to Turkey. And it has not only fulfilled all the requirements of the EU, but also promised to contribute in limiting the flow of migrants. 120 million people (the population of Ukraine and Turkey) with mildly turbulent domestic situation, will be able to freely enter the EU. Is it not just too big if the number of people of the EU is 500 million? Tactically, this opinion might be imposed to Dutch voters before the referendum for the EU-Ukraine agreement, which will be held in two weeks. And strategically, and visa-free regime, and the further European integration of Ukraine might be delayed. Under a variety of reasons, but we would be called guilty.

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Fourth, the Crimean Tatar issue. Extremists do not have the "right" or "wrong" Muslims. This will be facilitated in the media, the message about Islamic terrorists. Therefore, it is possible that Ukrainian radicals, stimulated by Russia, can carry out anti-Muslim pogroms, under which there would be Crimean Tatars. And the last - it is practically our driving force to restore control over Crimea. Therefore, the creation of any problems in relations between Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars is an important element of a "hybrid" war.

In Crimea there are the greatest risks. Crimea is the place where the arrests of the activists of the Crimean Tatars, who allegedly on behalf of ISIS would prepare attacks on the peninsula. Moreover, Easter is near. And Islamic terrorists like to arrange attacks in symbolic days.

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