Ukraine and EU: a chance to succeed?

Author : Serge Halytsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Something about the union that Ukraine wants to be a part of
20:34, 5 September 2016

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Ukraine has always tried to be a part of the European civilization but always failed due to either the northern imperial neighbour or its own power struggles. Now Ukraine has a real chance to succeed, provided it solves its domestic issues. But what is it that Ukraine wants to be a part of?

The European Union started as a multilateral trading agreement in 1950’s and grew into the new empire state within the last two decades. Now it became a modern days mad scientists’ project. A sort of the Frankenstein’s monster, made of different and in many cases mutually rejecting parts that according to the grand plan have to start acting like one. That can only be possible in a work of fiction. Putting all European nations in a single boiling bowl and adding unlimited quantities of Middle Easterners, Africans and Asians would make the bowl explode one day.

Multiculturalism, which has been prised by liberalseverywhere simply does not work and never will. By mixing every food ingredient you have in your kitchen you would not ever be able to make a delicious dinner, but something that would go directly to the organic garbage bin.

The E.U. might provide money for preserving cultural heritage, taking it from richer states-membersbut it will demand much more submissions than Ukraine ever bargained for.

Mogherini assured Groysman that EU is ready to offer Ukraine visa-free regime

Everything is controlled within the EU and the EU dictates its members what to buy or what to eat, or how many immigrants they must take. For example fishing industry in the U.K. and Baltic states had to limit fish production to minimum because someone else in the E.U. was doing fishing business according to the grand plan.

Ukraine produces many things that are going to betaken as a threat to European producers - everything from trams and lorries to electronics, I.T. and agricultural production. Ukraine just signed free trade agreement with Canada a week ago. But it would not be possible if Ukraine were a part of the EU.

The European Union project is another attempt to build an empire. They already have every attribute of a nation-state and now are adding the most fundamental one: an army. That would most likely damage nation-states’ security and bring national armies to strictly nominal status, if any status at all. The E.U. army’s mandate is going to be defending the E.U. interests, not the states-members. They are probably due to disappear, according to the grand plan.

Free people movement also means free movement of criminals and migrants, which as we saw lately made Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, some other states close their borders, refusing to take immigrant influx.

Germany accepted more than 2 million “refugees” last year. What do Germans get from this deal besides ginormous taxes? From those 2 million only 54 got employed by top German companies, Financial Time reported lately. The Deutsche Welle reported 30 thousand refugees found job so far. Butit is still a miserable percentage from 2,14 million people.

Also we can’t avoid mentioningraise of Middle Eastern style savage attacks with suicide bombers, lorries, knives, axes, guns. German Police reported about 200,000 crimes by refugees in 2015. It is 92,000 more than year before, reported.

Canada's visa stencil and its perspectives for Ukraine

Europe has very strict gun law, as liberal at power are scared if people had guns, they’d be in a deep trouble, if alive.

In a wake on Nice attack French president Francois Hollande said that populists are the biggest threat to France. That is after 84 people killed and 303 injured in a single attack by Islamic terrorists on European soil.

Oddly enough, in Europe like about everywhere else, making good people helpless doesn’t make criminals harmless.

Another thing that is of great concern is the freedom of expression. It is cannot be limited without being destroyed, as Thomas Jefferson stated in one of his letters. But Europe seems gave it up altogether. Now criticizing Islam is outlawed almost everywhere in the civilized world. The Muslim mayor of London even banned bikini from billboards lately, so that raises pertinent question: are we bound to Islamic revolution globally now?

And as for Ukraine, the question is: does Ukraine really want to get itself into another mess, a tad worse than the Russian rule?

With current state of affairs the E.U. would not last much longer. If they would not change,they would explode or turn into an Islamic state.

Ukraine, if it had enough guts to get rid of corruption and create a strong, prosperous nation-state, could become a corner stone of the new European union, built on rule of law, justice, equal opportunity for everyone. It could be the Intermarium or whatever other name that union may come under. States in the Eastern part of Europe are related by history and united bycommon interests and the common enemy.

Multiculturalism has chance to survive only as a community of independent, homogenous nation-states that preserves and celebrate each other’s culture.

And the Brexit is a proof of it, and judging by the globalists’ frantic response to it, it spells the end of the globalization project and beginning of the era of independent and prosperous nations.

And so mote it be.

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