Ukraine among top 10 countries that spend the most on food

Author : Olexiy Doroshenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

According to the United States data, in 2016, Ukrainians have spent 38% of their income on food
09:45, 29 May 2018

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According to the US Department of Agriculture, Ukraine is among the top 10 countries, whose citizens spend the most on food. If we combine the expenditures for food, cigarettes, and alcohol, our country will even enter the top 5 countries of the world with the highest costs. According to the United States data, in 2016, Ukrainians have spent 38% of their income on food and 8.1% on alcohol and cigarettes. That is, the total cost of these two groups was 46.1%.

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The country, where the citizens spend on food and bad habits the least, is the United States. Last year, Americans have spent only 6.3% of their incomes on food and 2% on alcohol and cigarettes, which in general is 8.3%. In Europe, the lowest costs are among the British - only 8.1% for products and 3.8% for whiskey and cigars. According to this research, Nigeria took the last place, whose citizens spend almost 60% on it all.

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Our neighbors, the Poles, spend 16.5% on food and 6.2% on alcohol. The Chinese eat 22.5% and another 2.3% pay for pernicious habits. In Egypt, where many Ukrainians go on vacation, 36.7% of income is spent on food and 4.5% on tobacco. As one famous person in our country would say, only Nigerians, Kenyans, and Cameroonians eat more than Ukrainians. However, this could be concluded only at the expense of food, since the costs of alcohol and tobacco are lower.

As it turned out that we are not food lovers, but drink and smoke lovers as well. In terms of the amount of money that families spend on bad habits, Ukrainians are also among the top five countries with the greatest expenditure. Estonia, Belarus, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are ahead of us.

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The study for 2016 was published only at the end of 2017; therefore these are not the most recent data. The study of expenditures included 92 countries. There are no significant changes in the expenses of citizens’ main needs. For five years, Americans cut their spending by 0.5%, the Germans increased them by 0.5%, and Ukrainians increased by 1.1%. That is, according to the US agrarian department, in 2012, citizens of our country spent an aggregate 45% on meeting the needs for food and alcohol.

Since such trends are permanent, this means that in the coming years the expenses of Ukrainians, in comparison with their incomes, will not decrease (even if our financial situation improves). Well, let us drink for this, and it leads to an increase in costs again.

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