Ugly poverty's face: Over 40% of Ukrainians save on food

Author : Olexiy Doroshenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

92% of Ukraine’s citizens are forced to save on their expenses
18:00, 1 March 2019

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As of January 2019, 92% of Ukraine’s citizens save on their expenses, and only 3% do not know what does saving mean.

The corresponding survey results were obtained by the Research & Branding Group company. 51% of Ukrainians save on clothes and shoes, 46% – on vacations, 41% – on products, 37% – on the utility costs, and 33% – on healthcare.

In addition, 18% save on transport, 17% – on communication, and 12% – on education. Ukrainians began to save on all categories of expenses without exception during these five years.

Compared to March 2014, those who have become more watchful about spending on food have increased by 4%, on education – by 5%, on communication – by 7%, on travels – by 8%, on healthcare, clothes, and shoes – by 13%, on holidays – by 21%, and on utilities – by 22%.

The savings rate on utility costs is the answer to a question why the utility debt is growing. In 2014, there were 18% of the lucky ones who did not know what savings are, and now there are only 3%. Transport, utilities, and vacations are among the top three expenses, on which Ukrainians began to save the most.

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The number of people, who began to reduce their expenses for transport and recreation, has increased almost two times and 2.5 times for utilities.

Last year, 90% of people confess that they have started saving on something. At the beginning of this year, this number increased to 92%, that is, the situation has worsened over the year.

For comparison, in 2014, 70% of our citizens saved on something. The study is conducted at the beginning of each year.

Now we are witnessing a parade of promises of presidential candidates. Some offer only general phrases, while others make some good offers or even voice a good vision of the situation. But none of the candidates has a complete vision of how to get out of the critical situation with the living standards of the Ukrainians.

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The fight against poverty is not what the country really needs. Today, those who could be recently called middle class became poor today. Such people do not need any external assistance, but they only need normal conditions for doing business. A small business that would feed their families and create well-paid jobs. Therefore, if candidates for high-ranked offices do not know how to take a leap, then they need the help of the society in it.

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