Tu-154 crash is very similar to terrorist attack made in retaliation for Syria

Author : Vadim Lukashevich

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Aviation expert Vadim Lukashevich commented on the situation with the crash of military plane Tu-154. According to experts, there are many factors in favor of terrorist act version
14:30, 26 December 2016

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Now it is difficult to say exactly what happened. They are trying to make us calm, they say, it's not a terrorist attack, just a piloting error or technical failure. At the same time it is noted that the debris were scattered on an area of one and a half kilometers. And this is too much, because this may be an indication that the plane began to fall to pieces in the air. That is, plane was not destroyed during the fall. And if it was destroyed in the air - it's a terrorist attack.

Because it is impossible for the plane to fall to pieces in the air due to piloting mistake. For this it is necessary to enter it, for example, into a tailspin, and it is very difficult to do. And if it is a technical fault, it is still not the case of faults which lead to destruction in air. If the plane attempted to make an emergency landing and was very close to the ground or the surface of the water and began to deteriorate when in contact with the surface, then, yes, this figure can be a kilometer. In this case, the plane would be destroyed by exposure of the surface as it was dragged along it.

Now we are told that it could be a collision with a bird. On the one hand, this is possible because all three aircraft engines and three inlet are located very close to each other in the tail. Therefore, if it was a very big bird, such a development of events is possible. But in this case it is necessary to disable more than one engine, but several. Again, seven minutes after takeoff, the plane had already flown at two to three kilometers high.

And if at this moment engines would be broken because of a bird, the pilots have time to completely inform workers on the ground: on the engines loss, about trying to run them. But we have no reports; there is only speculation about the birds. And in this case, the pilots have plenty of time to tell about the problems on the board. We heard nothing about the fact that pilots made such reports. It was reported only about the plane disappeared from radars.

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Our plane A-321, which was blown up over the Sinai, took off from the airport of Sharm el-Sheikh. There's absolutely full of holes, useless security system, and using a bomb there was very simple. Our ambassador in Turkey was killed by an employee of the Turkish security forces. If it turns out that there also was a terrorist attack ...

The plane took off from Chkalovsk military airport and was heading to Sochi, which airport has a maximum degree of protection. Thus, de jure, it is a military plane, the board of the Ministry of Defense. And it says that it's not just a terrorist attack but combat operation in the war against us, which the Muslim world leads.

No one wants to see such a situation, so the terrorist act version was swept aside immediately. But if you remember the story over Sinai, all have said that it was a terrorist attack. Everything said about this version, and the nature of falling debris, and so-forth. And for two weeks we could not admit it. So the fact that we are denying immediately, in my opinion, the most awkward version says to us that in Russia the opposite principle is working: if we are saying that something wouldn’t happen, it would happen certainly.

As aviation expert, I can say that at this point should be considered absolutely any version up to the most absurd, like an UFO impact. Because the investigation is only at the very beginning. For example, it is now known that the landing gear struts are very far away from the main wreckage. This suggests that there was something non-trivial in the process of destruction of the aircraft. Theoretically, the aircraft could try to land, releasing the landing gear struts, but it flew over the sea. In general, while nothing is clear, we can only speculate.

Our whole problem is that in recent years we generally fail to properly investigate aircraft accidents. In Russia it all has emotional and political color. One can cite the example of the crashed Tu-154 near Smolensk with Lech Kaczynski - there is generally one policy. One can cite the example of Russian Boeing shot down over Donbas. We can also add the Sharm el-Sheikh, in which the investigation has not yet been completed. Therefore, it will be good to push aside all the emotions, political sympathies and antipathies regarding these issues.

Soon we will hear some official statements. The first that it is not a terrorist attack has been already made. Although I repeat that today we can’t exclude any version, including a terrorist attack. This is not some ordinary act of terrorism but evidence that the most radical wing of the Muslim world leads a war against us because of our participation in Syria and Aleppo bombing.

Thus if we take the Syrian trace - the first was plane A-321 blown over Sinai. Our Ambassador in Turkey was killed because of Aleppo - the killer shouted that it was for Syria. And if now it turns out that the plane was blown up in a terrorist attack ...

If this was really a terrorist attack, the war could be started. And we, ordinary people, are the targets even when we just go to the bakery. This is serious and crosses out all the good words that president has told us at a press conference. Syria was our gamble. We got into confessional quarrels of the Islamic world; moreover, we had opposed the Sunnis, who are the majority. We behave in Aleppo so inhumanely ... and we would be responsible for our actions in Aleppo.

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