Trump's Crimean statements: parroting Kremlin's position

Author : Vitaliy Portnikov

Source : 112 Ukraine

The consequences of Putin's actions have not directly affected the United States; that is why people like Trump have limited knowledge about the situation
15:28, 3 August 2016

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"Crimean" statements of Donald Trump, Republican candidate for the Presidency of the US, have caused uproar in both Ukrainian and American political circles. It is obvious that Trump has, as he says, his own "ideas," and his knowledge about the nature of Crimea occupied by Russian Federation, as well as Donbas conflict, are quite limited.

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Trump's remarks are not restricted by any diplomatic protocol, and protecting the US national interests is not his direct duty. Taking into consideration all this ignorance, Trump is voicing not only his opinion, but also the position of the American elite, which is not very concerned about the problems of the former Soviet Union or even the whole of Europe. Big money has never been a proof of the good brain.

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Interestingly, Trump combines Crimea and Ukraine as a whole and recalls that the loss of control over the peninsula occurred in the days of the Obama Administration. This is also true which cannot be avoided. When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the operation that led eventually to the occupation of Crimea, the Western leaders started some “soft” negotiations instead of hard consolidated response to the aggressive actions. First, President Obama and other Western leaders did not try to stop Putin, but they tried to persuade him not to violate the international law. Then they tried to prevent Russian invasion of Ukrainian mainland. As a result, they have failed to achieve both of their goals. And this is probably not the Trump’s fault.

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The unforgivable political mistake was made in relation to Putin, and this should be an important part of US election debate. There should be no illusions that the demonstrative economic sanctions do not work, and that it is impossible to negotiate with Putin.

The first error that led to a serious crisis in Europe was made in Syria. The attempts to negotiate with Putin caused Bashar Assad's war against his own people, the actual destruction of Syria, and a major migration crisis. When Putin’s regime falls and historians to get access to archives of the Russian FSB, we will know that this crisis was deliberately organized in order to destabilize Europe and bring to power the pro-Putin puppets that are ready to destroy NATO and the EU.

The situation with Crimea... Putin has intentionally violated the international law, and the civilized world has reacted with a great cautious to his actions. Only after destroying the Malaysian "Boeing" has the West introduced the real sanctions against the invader. This approach is similar to the recent Olympic Committee decision. Despite Russia's state-run doping system, the Committee has not eliminated country from participation.

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The consequences of Putin's actions have not directly affected the United States; that is why people like Trump have limited knowledge about the situation. But if the world does not make some serious efforts today, it will be too late to do something tomorrow. Especially, for the US. Thus, errors in relation to Russia are not allowed Trump. But it should be the need to correct, not aggravate their consequences.

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