Trump vs Putin: What body language says about meeting of two leaders

Author : Olexandr Ivanov

Source : 112 Ukraine

The physiognomist Olexander Ivanov on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel commented on the behavior of the two presidents at a press conference before the tete-a-tete meeting in Helsinki
21:38, 18 July 2018

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Both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the press conference before the tete-a-tete meeting played the role they are forced to play. They had to show their strong position, but at the same time Trump chose his traditional manner - he was more reserved, but at the same time he managed to show all that he was comfortable here. Putin tried to relax - his awkward posture in the chair, when he leans half back on the back of the chair and tries to lean on the armrest - in general it does not look like that. During the talks, it was clear that Putin was less confident in many of the things that Trump voiced - he was experiencing a real annoyance, but he was counting on some individual preferences. We can walk through the fragments of the video and talk about such moments.

First of all, during the whole press conference, Trump looked straight ahead, and Putin looked down, which was not in his favor. So, his mood, his attitude were not as good as expected. He felt less confident. At about 15 seconds, according to the video, when Putin talks about the hospitable Finnish land of Helsinki, his cough starts abruptly. At that moment he did not believe himself, in the sense that it was not such a hospitable or brotherly land Helsinki.

When Trump says "it's time to talk in details about our bilateral relations," at that moment Putin touches the little finger of his left hand with the forefinger, the ring finger and the middle finger of his right hand for a couple of seconds. This suggests that he is counting on some kind of individual preferences. And, for me it was so out-of-the-ordinary, surprising, because if it was a question of the right little finger, everything would be much easier. But here we are talking about certain personal relationships. So, "I will communicate with you or have business not on the official-business level, but on some personal levels, and here in these personal matters I will get from you some kind of exclusive." This is what Putin's movement said.

It is interesting to note that when Trump said that it is necessary to discuss a variety of issues, including "discussing our common friend - the president of China", Putin bit his upper lip. At this point, he experienced a great annoyance. Probably, by this time, Putin had some unresolved issues with China and specifically with the president. Somewhere he loses some positions and at the moment he does not even know how he can solve the situation.

What is more important, about the third minute, he grabbed the armrest of his chair with his left hand - this indicates defeat. A person feels insecure. When he spoke at the UN several years ago and leaned on the table - and there all the presidents stood without help - the opinions of the experts were different, someone said that he was on the contrary preparing to attack, but my opinion was that he was not really sure, he was psychologically weak. And this situation once again showed that he needs support, he does not win psychologically. In principle, initially, if you rely on physiognomy, Trump is a block, Trump is a bulldozer that does not fear anything. And for the president of the western hemisphere this is excellent. Putin is several times weaker, but this is more suited to our mentality. In general, he felt the weakness of his position. And at the moment of the handshake, when they were sitting on the chairs and the press conference was over, Trump won again, because he gave his hand rather shortly, and Putin had to pull his hand further. Here his position was shorter, he won. Again in these regular negotiations Trump showed that he is stronger and more confident.

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