Trump brings militant nationalism, rejecting equality between the US and Russia

Author : Lilia Shevtsova

Source : 112 Ukraine

Russia would have to pay for its obsession with Trump, and the price can be too high
22:13, 7 February 2017

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There is something humiliating and at the same time comic in the fact that Russia has made America the subject of its thoughts, hopes, and emotions of a fan. If Swiss psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung were alive, he would call the Russian attitude to the American obsession a "collective complex" that develops when people are losing their own identity, become disoriented, and are trying to live someone else's life to make up for the lack of attractiveness of their own existence. People in Russia began to live the American life, and it began long time ago. "If we are obsessed with something, so there is someone stronger than we are; he who owns us," said Jung. Consequently, America "owns" us, even if do not want this and even if we cannot recognize.

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Moreover, it is not only about the realm of consciousness. Correlation with the United States, looking at the world through the prism of relations with America and its leaders have confirmed the status of great power, the backbone of the Russian autocracy. In short, America has become a systemic factor of existence of present-day Russia, making Russia's sovereignty… questionable.

The Kremlin cannot legitimize statehood through the demonstration of his machismo to China - it would have been suicidal. But doing it through the intimidation of its neighbors is humiliating. For gaining the credibility of its statehood, Russia needs to be close to a powerful global force, which would keep it in some behavioral framework.

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Obama's America was ideal for the Kremlin, because it could bully it in different ways. And America suffered, trying not to give rise to the annoyance. But then Trump came and created a new situation. Let us see what can this mean for Russia.

America will appeal to its national interests. This promise of Donald Trump caused kind of euphoria caused in Russia. Actually, Russia has to be concerned about it. Trump understands the "national interest" as a rejection not only of promoting democracy, but also as the willingness to compromise that has been primarily characterized by American hegemony. Henceforth, Washington will rely on military force and increase it; it means a new arms race. What are Russia's chances in this race with the state defense budget of 583 billion dollars?

"America First!" This is not isolationism. It is a militant nationalism with a sense of racial superiority. And as in this scheme Kremlin fits hopes of "equality" with the United States? Moreover, an American ethno-nationalism inevitably strengthen the wave of all other nationalisms. This section makes division of the world into spheres of influence questionable. What are reasons to expect that in the era of explosion of nationalism, Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Georgians would suddenly abandon the national consciousness?

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Support of international relations in terms of "transactionism." The story of Trump says that he understands the deal as an axiom: "Winner Takes All".

Iran and China pose a threat to America. But why should Russia be Trump’s special forces in his encounter with these countries - why should Russia create problems for itself?

America is ready to cooperate with Russia in the fight against international terrorism. Trump considers the whole Islam as a threat. So, Russia is invited to fight with the Islamic civilization, right? And it means that Russia should fight against Islam within its own borders? It is not the best move to blow up Russia from inside!

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Finally, the basic principle of Trump’s policy is unpredictability, Jacobin readiness to destroy the existing rules and agreements. Apparently, Trump sees Russia as an ally in his revolt against the current world order. But the unpredictability of America would be a blow to Russia because the Kremlin can afford doing the unexpected somersault, just being confident in the western reaction. And if Trump behaves in an unpredictable manner, it means the end of the Russian game! Trump invites Russia in a Darwinian world, where everyone will be fighting for its survival by any means.

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The matter is further complicated by one more point. Trump’s trying to see in Russia an ally in his project "Terminator" creates a situation where the world angry with Trump, will begin to see Russia as an enemy. And how Russia will respond to the inevitable rising Russophobian of American opposition, suspicion of China, Iran's hostility, and vindictiveness of the Islamic world? Russia would have to pay for its obsession with Trump, and the price can be too high.

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