Trial over Yanukovych will give Ukraine opportunity to move forward

Author : Yuriy Lutsenko

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Speech of Yuriy Lutsenko at a briefing of General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine
21:54, 15 March 2017

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Today the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine confidently accuses Viktor Yanukovych of high treason, encroachment on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and in covering the aggressive war that the Russian Federation has unleashed against our country. In memory of the first victim in this undeclared aggressive war against our state, ensign Serhiy Kukurin, who died in the first days of military operations and occupation of the Crimea, in memory of 10,000 military personnel, law enforcers, volunteers, civilians, women, children, victims of the Russian aggression in Crimea and Donbas, on behalf of the millions of refugees who left their homes in Crimea, Donetsk, Makiivka, Gorlivka, Luhansk, Stakhaniv, Krasnyi Luch, other cities where the invader came, using Yanukovych's call to cover this aggression. On behalf of all these people, on behalf of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people, the General Prosecutor’s Office accuses Yanukovych in this lawsuit. We have collected enough evidence of this disgraceful treason, which our court would examine and evaluate.

It was exactly the fear of the Ukrainian people that forced him to sign this shameful document, a letter on the introduction of Russian troops. It is this fear that prevents him even today from coming to Kyiv, despite all the statements that we have the opportunity to start some other type of investigation. No. To date, according to the court's decision, according to the current Ukrainian legislation, Viktor Yanukovych, hiding in the territory of the Russian Federation, will be brought to trial in absentia. He will have protection; he will have all the procedural possibilities, except personal presence in court, which he avoids because of his personal fear.

I would like to draw attention to the psychological moment. On the day when I was convoyed from the Lukyanivka jail to the Menska colony, the well-known Ukrainian journalist Sonia Koshkina interviewed me. I quoted Albert Camus there. Literally tonight recognized this.

I quoted this phrase, trying to explain why Yanukovych is eliminating his political opponents: "Moral of a criminal is an endless change of victories that end in revenge, and endless defeats that engender despair and anger." That's what Camus said.

I believe that the crime that we are incriminating Yanukovych today is a consequence of his inherent traits: despair, anger and fear. Yanukovych was afraid of the Ukrainian people all his life. Even the day when he swore allegiance on the Ukrainian Constitution and the Bible. Yanukovych was afraid of the Ukrainian people when he fled after the shooting of Heaven’s Hundred from Kyiv to Kharkiv, from Kharkiv to Donetsk, from Donetsk to Crimea, from Crimea accompanied by Russian Special Forces – to Russia. It was this criminal essence of Yanukovych, the fear - and the main motive of what he did later.

We are working according to the European civilized standards. The guilt will be proved in an open, competitive transparent litigation. We, as the prosecution, will do our best to ensure that this process is civilized and will be completed successfully. We want for all Ukraine to see the law and justice. I want us to understand today that the General Prosecutor’s Office is almost for the first time at such a height to act as a lawyer of the state and the people. We will defend our common national and state interests in court. I expect that this process will be highlighted by the media as a process of cleansing of the country, which will enable us to move forward by flipping through this shameful page of our history.

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