Trial behind the closed doors: case of “Ukrainian saboteurs”

Author : Illya Novikov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Russian lawyer Novikov unveiled shocking details about the case of Andriy Zahtey, detained by Russian FSB in occupied Crimea
13:00, 7 December 2016

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On Monday, the Lefortovo court of Moscow continued detention behind the closed doors of Evgeny Panov and Andriy Zahtey, known as “Crimean sabouteurs.” Panov was represented by lawyer Dmitry Dinze, Zahtey was represented by Ilnur Sharapov. Ilnur, and before him, Olexander Popkov, who defends many Ukrainian, officially joined the cause, and they immediately took the signature of non-disclosure. For FSB it is now standard practice. I did not formally enter the Russian criminal and gave no sign, my relationship with Zahtey are limited to the agreement on the preparation of documents for the European Court. So I can tell you a little about what was said behind closed doors court. But only in part of Zahtey. I have no authority to talk about Panov.

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In the words of Andriy Zahtey, which, of course, no one is obliged to believe in, he lived with his wife in Yalta and earned the private carting. August 6 evening he received orders to pick up passengers from Suvorovske. FSB at this point already being the operation. We do not know what they have at the time was the information and whom they hoped to catch, but Zahtey was intercepted on his way, armed FSB employees sat into his car, the eldest of whom was Lt. Col. Roman Kamenev. They told Andriy to take them to where he had to pick up passengers. For a long time they were looking for the right place. When they arrived, there was a man on the side. FSB employees jumped out of the car and ran to him, opened fire on them from the bushes. Kamenev was wounded, and they took him to the hospital by the car of Zahtey; Kamenev later died. Sagittarius disappeared. This is in principle is the same as that published the Russian side, in addition, according to their version, Zahtey was originally collaborator to subversive groups.  

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So far it all has been word against word. But there are documents that explain what was going on in the heads of the Crimean leadership of the FSB. Operation was failed, armed saboteurs were gone, two of his victims (except Kamenev, Corporal Semen Sychev). They had to report to Moscow about a complete failure. The first days they were actively looking around Crimea for missing CRG, but without a success. Zahtey certainly was not released, and began hard to find out what he knows. But when it became clear that no one else was taken, he was finally identified as saboteur and they made him sign the evidence. This is evident from the dates in materials of two different courts.

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The criminal case says that on August 7, Zahtey with Panov were "found and arrested" and their criminal activities stopped. August 11, Zahtey was “detained on suspicion of preparing for sabotage and participation in illegal armed formations,” and August 13, Kyiv District Court of Simferopol took him into custody.

The problem is that in the evening on August 8 Train Court of Simferopol sentenced Zahtey to 15 days of administrative arrest for art. 20.1 of the Administrative Code for slander and clinging to passers-by in a public place on Gagarin street committed at 16:30 the same day. Zahtey, according to the report, to the question the judge replied, "sorry, I confess to the crime. I showed a bad example. The protocol was not signed, because I did not have this desire."

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August 8, the FSB was not yet prepared the final public version of events and the death of their comrades. They decided not to let Zahtey go, but if he was arrested normally, following the Criminal Code, it would turn out that his first testimony contradicted that the authorities decide to announce later. They started the false administrative case in order not to start a criminal one. Similar situation was with Mykola Karpyuk, March 17, 2014. He fell into the hands of the FSB, who were waiting for the arrival of Dmytro Yarosh, and they had not prepared documents for Karpyuk’s arrest. Then immediately after the arrest he dazzled administrative detention for 15 days. And then they brought torture. 15 days are the Russian equivalent of Guantanamo.

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Again, all the information, of course, does not prove that Andriy Zahtey is not guilty. But during the first 5 days the FSB during did not know how to treat him and what to do. And all their subsequent and future pretentious words should be evaluated with this in mind.

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