Thousand days of war. Oligarchs are trying to impose Brest treaty on Ukraine

Author : Valentin Orekhov

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Precisely by such scenario almost a hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Ulyanov, after a coup d'état signed a shameful treaty under the guise of concern for the salvation of the state and using the clichés about "bad peace and good war"
13:45, 17 January 2017

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Today we have witnessed attempts to impose on Ukrainian society the dilemma of choosing between "bad peace and good war", of which, of course, every reasonable person, not burdened with suicidal tendencies should choose the first thing. But – what is being offered to us by this choice under the guise of "painful compromises" to stop the bloodshed in Donbas?

Ukrainian oligarch and a dollar billionaire, one of the richest people of Ukraine Viktor Pinchuk offers his exit plan from the current situation, which can’t be called otherwise than a capitulation in the face of aggressor.

Shortly, to the altar of peace Pinchuk offers to bring the following sacrifices. According to his vision, Ukrainians have to give up their prospects for return of annexed Crimea to Ukraine, also they should refuse to European integration and the North Atlantic course, help to lift the international sanctions against Russia for its aggressive behavior in the international arena, and not to impede the "elections" in the occupied territory of Donbas without transferring control over state border with Russia to Ukraine.

At the same time, speaking of "peaceful reunification" and pay for peace, oligarch cynically proposes to give priority in the decision "to those who are fighting in Donbas or send there their sons" that will only deepen the split in society.

But what about the memory of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers who sacrificed the most precious – their lives - to protect their Motherland, standing on the way of external aggressor? Under pressure from Moscow to carry out absolute amnesty and humbly bring to the Verkhovna Rada another Zakharchenko, Plotnitskiy, Givi ... and other murderers, torturers, sadists known by the fact that they  personally tortured and killed captive Ukrainian soldiers and patriots? How this must be taken by the widows and orphans of those who were tortured and put to death in the most inhumane way in the basements of Donetsk and Luhansk?

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In other words (using the medical terminology), according to the oligarch, Ukraine should abandon the assistance of the international consultation, accept the prospect of a negative outcome of the deadly disease, artificially brought to the body from the outside, abandon the intensive care treatment of the "Russian world" sprawling cancer and, relying on the will of "divine providence" (which is a master of the Kremlin) to recognize the fatal mistake its attempt to fight for the recovery of life and further development of the country - of the organism as a whole.

The plan of peace settlement of military confrontation by Pinchuk lacks unless the reparations, which Ukraine will have to pay Russia, despite the absurdity of the situation, but it is clearly visible between the lines.

Pinchuk is not alone in his desire to impose Brest treaty on Ukraine under the guise of compromise. He is echoed by another Ukrainian oligarch - Vladimir Putin's friend Viktor Medvedchuk, speaking of "dead-end military scenario" of conflict resolution and calling for a dialogue to achieve peace.

"Do we really need thousands of victims to understand a simple truth:  to achieve peace, we need a dialogue aiming to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine, a compromise is needed to "sew together" the country, it is necessary to abandon discrimination and demonstrate to Donetsk and Luhansk, that we cherish the residents of Donbas, not only its territory ", wrote Ukrainian oligarch in his blog on the pages of Correspondent. In general, it is necessary once again to "hear Donbas" and to negotiate with those who started the bloodshed, presenting it as a civil war and internal contradictions in society.

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Not accidentally I have called this oligarchic plan of compromise the Brest treaty. These two things have too much in common. Precisely by such a scenario almost a hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Ulyanov, after a coup d'état, made by them on the money of German "investors" have signed a shameful treaty under the guise of concern for the salvation of the state and using the clichés about "bad peace and good war", thus pandering to the enemy in the implementation of one of hybrid warfare methods.

It is necessary to dwell on the consequences of such "reconciliation" for some other post-Soviet countries.

If Russia manages to get the humble and humiliated Ukraine back into the orbit of its influence, and namely, that (though covertly) assumes this "painful compromise" in the long term, the following goals of Russian geopolitical game will be Moldova and Georgia, which will be forced by bitter example of "rebel Ukraine" to recognize the independence of their territories under de facto Russian protectorate. To a large extent the future of Ukraine in this aspect will affect the fate of Belarus, rightly apprehensive of growing geopolitical appetites of its northern neighbor which are more and more unfolding to the West.

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