The US repeats the fate of ancient Rome

Author : Andriy Holovachov

Source : 112 Ukraine

Situation that happened to America after the collapse of the Soviet bloc is very similar to what happened to Rome after its victory over Carthage in the Second Punic War
09:58, 7 July 2017

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Situation that happened to America after the collapse of the Soviet bloc is very similar to what happened to Rome after its victory over Carthage in the Second Punic War.

After the victory over a powerful rival, Rome gradually took all the territories in the East and became the sovereign master of the Mediterranean. It had got almost unlimited resources. Money, slaves, and goods came to Rome. In the framework of such a globalized economy, which was provided by the military and political domination of Rome, Italian artisans and peasants became practically useless and uncompetitive in Rome itself. Gradually they all went bankrupt and turned into an economically unclaimed plebs. The middle class began to disappear, and society gradually became polarized: plutocracy, bogged down in luxury, plagued by corruption vs. lumpen. For this reason, Ancient Rome from a once brilliant republic naturally degenerated into an empire and political dictatorship.

Conclusion: the cause of Rome's death was its total dominance over the rest of the world.

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Something similar is happening now with the US. After the collapse of the communist system, the US became the world hegemon, who did not have any enemies at all, they controlled the entire globe. Money streamed down, and America simply bathed in wealth and began to live beyond its means. Work no longer made sense, all production began to be carried out in the poor countries of Southeast Asia, America consumed almost twice as much as it produced. The whole poor world began to work in the States, and everyone was forced to transfer the earned money to American assets.

In these conditions, the same economically unclaimed plebs began to form in the US. They are fed with bread cards - more than 50 million people use them in the US, as well as other numerous social assistance programs. And the plebs is entertain with periodic victorious air attacks against small and weak countries of the world, which are called the "axis of evil."

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After the collapse of the Soviet bloc of the United States, like the Ancient Rome after the victory at Carthage, could not restrain themselves on a democratic basis and became an empire. America could not be called a democracy, but according to Aristotle, it degenerated into a classical oligarchy. In ancient Rome, plebs brought to power the emperors. Donald Trump was also brought to power by the American plebs, and if the corrupt oligarchy eliminates him, a new emperor will appear, chosen by the plebs sitting on the welfers. The process has already started. The time of the nomenclature "clintons" and "bushaks" has passed.

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American empire is already sloping to its decline, the peak of its power has already passed. It is no longer able to control the whole world, but it tries to force the whole world to feed it in exchange for its printed candy wrappers. America has sunk to the level of "theatrical militarism," the essence of which is to constantly beat up small countries that cannot repulse America. America is constantly building up its armed forces, developing new types of weapons, provoking local conflicts and seeking to support them as long as possible in order to come up with the goals of a planetary peacemaker and demonstrate the power.

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The United States played a great positive role in the period from 1945 to 1990. But now they have become a huge problem for themselves and the world. The United States has lost their goal and went to a path of a self-survival. The US would get involved in several wars (for example, the DPRK, Iran, Syria, etc.), would demonstrate their "power", after that their swift sunset would begin.

It is impossible to make America great again.

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