The successes and failures of Ukraine’s Maidan: three years later

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Ukrainian MPs commented on the third anniversary of Ukraine’s revolution of dignity
20:03, 22 November 2016

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Serhiy Sobolev, "Fatherland"

I think it is now a key position not just to write the laws in accordance with European requirements, and to live according to these laws. Now the key question is the question of total corruption, and it is here that we do not lag behind.

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I think a key positive, that has changed, it has changed the citizens of Ukraine. They do not tolerate corruption, hypocrisy, double standards. I think all this is combined with our European values. Now it is important that the authorities meet the high standards of Ukrainians.

Svitlana Zalishchuk, Block of Petro Poroshenko


When you ask, if something changed - of course, it has changed. We finally realized our long-standing strategic goal and dream, and this European integration. We pursued it for more than 10 years, we are moving to this goal step by step.

Dmytro Yarosh, unaffiliated MP

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People changed, that is the most important thing. Ukrainians are not a herd, you cannot wear the yoke on their necks, how would it be desirable to external enemies. What we see, this is a real change for the APU. It is other units, is a very different staffing, and the glory of God ... There is also plenty of shortcomings, but there is a positive trend.

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Ihor Lutsenko, "Fatherland"

112 Agency

First, it is de-Russification of Ukraine. Today, we have much less influence Russian agents, who led the country in fact comfortable enough. Today, they are fewer, but they still remain.

We also partially dismantled monolithic repressive machine Yanukovych times, which could destroy anyone. Now we see that the police are showing signs of trying to update.

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I should note that we have signed an Association Agreement. Among the failures - the complete failure of the principle of punishment of those responsible for 90% of the crime on the Maidan has not been investigated as a crime of state officials. Also in the banking sector solid orgy. The principle of punishment of the perpetrators are still not working.

Serhiy Leshchenko, Block of Petro Poroshenko

Serhiy Leshchenko
112 Agency

There have been achievements, were, of course, and dips. As for achievements, the first thing I would mention the creation of new institutions, which demonstrate a new quality, that is, it is an approach to build from the ground was much more effective than reforming the affected organs virus corruption. You see, we have not reformed General Prosecutor's Office, but created a powerful and independent National Anti-Corruption Bureau. As the patrol police was created from scratch.

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Anatoliy Matvienko, Block of Petro Poroshenko

The fact that we were able to deter aggression from Russia - a step that is essential, and we need to develop our army so that we can restore the territorial integrity, is the next step. But the dynamics in it. What we have done with the MIC at least a little ... What started reforms ... it is also an achievement. Power has become more transparent, open, which is a good basis for further steps to combat corruption.

Ihor Lapin, "People’s Front"

The revolution showed us the direction in which we move, which will move to the Ukraine as a foreign policy level, and within the country. The only thing that the revolution has not reached the ground - it is very much full of the blood of patriots, and a drop of blood has not been put into villains. And this is a problem. Today, the sense of justice is still there. Popular reform that should give a good result today is perceived with hostility. According to officials, people are still angry, it plays an important role and the war. The positive is that the people proved to the world that we are worthy of a nation have a right to their own development, regardless of the post-Soviet past, and Russia in particular.

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Ivan Vynnyk, Block of Petro Poroshenko

In the state of things have changed. We can not say categorically in the context of criticism. We did Prozorro system we have and NABU and e-declaration of this, no one could think of in the days of Yanukovych. It now works. Members of the public take part in competitions for positions ranging from heads of state enterprises, ending the heads of the anti-corruption prosecutors. The people exercises its right not only in the election. To say that this time nothing has been done - it is wrong, it is not correct and is irresponsible.

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The second question is that there are factors in the form of Russian aggression, when we were not able to exercise their right under the Budapest Memorandum, were forced to invest in the development of the army to contain aggression.

Vadym Denysenko, Block of Petro Poroshenko

The biggest problem that exists at the moment - this is the problem of corruption and landing of people involved in the "clique" of Yanukovych. In this case, with the advent of Lutsenko we can truly say that there have been tectonic shifts in the prosecutor's office and what is now on the home straight out of the Maidan case, the fact that today in The Hague, many agree on anything Yuriy Lutsenko - gives me great hope.

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You have to understand that the Parliament over the last two years really took a number of key laws to fight corruption, we have adopted the most stringent anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine, and if we do start to realize in life, believe me, in 3-4 years it will be one of the least corrupt countries in Europe.

For two years it made a huge decentralization reform. It started already irreparable. This year for the first time began to build roads, 19 billion is allocated.

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