The return of Crimea as a historical inevitability

Author : Serhiy Stelmakh

Source : 112 Ukraine

Crimea as a beneficiary region and terroristic Donbas "republics" are extremely dubious trophies for Russia
13:47, 29 August 2016

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in his speech on the Independence Day has emphasized the aggressive confrontation with Russia. He mentioned about the return of control over the occupied territories, indicating that Crimea was not “sleazed” by Ukraine’s authorities. Our country has recovered from the effects of the annexation of the peninsula and adapted to the "hybrid war" in Donbas.

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The President also recalled that the authorities have not forgotten about the inhabitants of Crimea and the occupied eastern areas. He noted that Ukraine is ready to return the occupied territories exclusively by diplomatic means.  

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Meanwhile, the aggressor country is left in the lurch. Crimea as a beneficiary region and terroristic Donbas "republics" are extremely dubious trophies. They gave no strategic benefits to the Kremlin, and tactical advantages from the possession of the bandit Ukrainian lands are paralleled with sanctions and other financial losses. Federal television channels show the government session at which Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev listlessly talks about "difficulties" of the state budget. First they decided to replace the indexation of pensions with the single 5 thousand rubles payment, but the next day it turned out that the state has no money. Two years ago, Russians, shouting "Crimea is Russia," warned that they are ready to pay their own money for joining Russia. They just did not realize the whole situation, and today the Kremlin tells that Russia has no money for social handouts.

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Kremlin has been always bothered by the very fact of Ukraine’s Independence. The celebration of 25th year of Ukraine’s Independence symbolizes a great leap forward in developing European nation-state. At the same time, the aggressor country is rapidly losing its geopolitical position.

Donbas war was a special mechanism of diverting attention from Crimea, but it did not work out. Then Russia tried to "change" the stolen territories for a nuclear deal with Iran. The sanctions against Tehran were lifted, but no one hurried up to admit the Russian rule over the peninsula. Putin has send his troops to Syria in order to impose his agenda on Ukraine to the Americans, but his plans failed again. The end of Russian geopolitical bubble is near.

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We should also remember about the strange calls of Russian politicians about the "joint struggle" against terrorism, conditioned about recognition of Moscow’s right to interfere in Ukrainian affairs. The attacks in European capitals were organized religious fanatics, but the Kremlin put forward its demands.  Even those who do not follow the politics give logical questions –  who actually benefits from the terrorist attacks in Europe.

Now Russian propagandists state that Russia’s ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov recalled from Kyiv, because he allegedly failed to agree with the Ukrainian leadership about the exchange of stolen Crimea for Donbas. The captured territories were considered by the Moscow strategists exclusively as a mechanism for the destabilization and the subsequent collapse of Ukraine. Russian fascists no longer hide the fact that they want to occupy our country, liquidate our independence, which they regard as a kind of "misunderstanding."
They did not reach the strategic goal, as they initially underestimated the willingness of Ukrainians to defend their sovereignty. Kremlin was shocked by the fact that ethnic Russians from eastern Ukraine do not want to be part of "New Russia." Do Putin and his inner circle realize that they are trapped?  

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Europeans and Americans use to recall Putin the events of February-March 2014, pointing out the real cause of his problems - the annexation of Crimea. The last time this topic appeared in the conversation between the French President Francois Hollande with his Russian counterpart. The Kremlin leader complained of "Ukrainian provocations" on the occupied peninsula. He was told that Crimea is Ukraine, so the official Paris could not agree with Putin's formulation of the question.

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In this regard, the statement of opposition leader and former chess champion Garry Kasparov looks absolutely logical. The politician is sure that the next president of Russia will be forced to get rid of the occupied peninsula and follow the international law. Russian elite will have to "rewind" to fix the system error made by Putin. Otherwise, their country will face an economic disaster, and then the state would collapse.

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