The new “Soviet man” of Ukraine

Author : Viktor Kaspruk

Source : 112 Ukraine

After Russia's annexation of Crimea and beginning of the Donbas war, the "Soviet man" has mutated into the new forms
17:20, 18 August 2016

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On the eve of 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence, we should recall the main achievements of all these years as well as the projects that time has not yet allowed.

"The ideological leaven" used by the communist regime for artificial breeding of the unique human species, the "Soviet man," was much stronger and more viable than it seemed in 1991. We must recognize that this "Soviet man" managed to survive in the realities of Ukrainian independence. Its existence clearly shows that lack of Ukrainian national ideology reinforces the deceitful stereotypes of Soviet propaganda.

After Russia's annexation of Crimea and beginning of the Donbas war, the "Soviet man" has mutated into the new forms. In this case, we can put an interesting historical analogy. Many decades after the successful completion of the Reconquista and the expulsion of the Moors from the Spanish territory, Medieval Spain has closely faced a very difficult issue. The Moors have disappeared, but their descendants, the Moriscos, were still alive. Moriscos who formally accepted the Christian faith, in fact, remained faithful to Islam. In 1567, King Philip II issued an edict, by which the Moriscos were forbidden to read, write, and speak Arabic. Nevertheless, nothing has changed.

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Moriscos secretly continued to practice Islam. They traditionally faced Mecca when praying, spoke their language, wore their costumes, preserved their architecture, and even the Arab baths. Moreover, from time to time they rose in rebellion against the royal power; once they have captured Grenada, and profaned all the Christian churches. When King Philip III issued the Edict of Expulsion in 1609, the Moriscos were forced to leave and could only take what belongings and possessions they could carry. Approximately 400,000 Moriscos were deported; the Spanish population of that time amounted to 8 million.

Currently, parallels with the pro-Russian oriented "Soviet man" are very close.


Of course, the mutated "Soviet man" might not openly deny Ukraine’s independence or plunder its culture. Moreover, he could attend a church (typically, of Moscow Patriarchate). Usually, he is a representative of younger generation, who has not to fully experienced the all the "charm" of life in the former Soviet Union. Still he feels nostalgic about Soviet beautiful times, as well as the older generation of his family does.

The new "Soviet man" is genetically adapted to the conditions of the new Ukrainian reality. As a rule, this “species” is hidden, and it shows up during the elections, when vote for the pro-Russian political outsiders. In such a way, the new "Soviet man" is reinforcing the permanent political stagnation in Ukraine.

This kind of citizens is extremely dangerous for the future of Ukraine, as it is hidden opponent of Ukrainian statehood. Using their family connections and acquaintances, they allegedly follow the formal rules, norms, and regulations. At the same time, they find some visible and invisible legislation “cracks” and sabotage the implementation of the instructions from the higher government authorities.

Today, these professional bureaucrats run the mechanisms of the state machine, as they used to do it in the times of Kuchma and Yanukovych.

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Thus, we can conclude: today political mutants of the "Soviet man" are the greatest threat to the Ukrainian statehood.

In the XXI century, the choice of a Ukrainian state is much more limited than the opportunities of the Spanish kings.

First of all, Ukraine must prevent them from recruiting the new supporters. We must neutralize their influence on the political and economic processes in Ukraine.

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We must recognize that in 1991 Ukraine has made a number of fundamental mistakes.

Ukraine should not automatically grant Ukrainian citizenship to those who lived in the former USSR. Of course, now we cannot cancel the passports of those who do not speak Ukrainian and do not know the history of the state. This practice was very successful in other states (for example in the Baltic States).

In addition, those persons who fight against Ukraine’s right to be an independent state should losing Ukrainian citizenship. Stateless person does not have a right to participate in the Ukrainian elections. And if it continues her anti-state activities, she must be deported.

Ukrainians cannot remain loyal to those who want to destroy their country! Otherwise, Ukraine might turn into the failed state.

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