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Theresa May would be the second female prime minister in British history
09:53, 13 July 2016

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British political tradition involves direct political responsibility for the adoption of certain policy decisions. Thus, British Prime Minister David Cameron retires in accordance with the old tradition. He has initiated the adoption of a special law for the referendum, and later has assigned a referendum on British membership in the European Union (Brexit).

Cameron has originally made a mistake. He believed that holding a referendum would allow him to strengthen his position in the negotiations with the EU regarding the terms of Britain's membership in the bloc. In addition, he wanted to play into the hands of the British nation, which has always sought to isolationism. From the one hand, the British men consider themselves as a part of Europe, and from the other, they go separately, actively opposing European bureaucracy. The Anglo-Saxon culture, which was subsequently transferred to the United States, is based on the key postulate – independence in decision-making. This is the foundation of the Protestant culture, and Britain has always occupied a special position in relation to the European Union. It is not so much about financial injections in the EU, but rather about the transfer of national sovereignty to the EU institutions, in particular to the European Commission.

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Cameron thought that the EU would grant Britain with wider range of powers after realizing the threat of Brexit. However, the British citizens accepted the referendum as a chance to vote against immigration, especially against the background of illegal refugees who swept Europe. We use to consider the British voter a Conservative man who thinks twice before doing something; but in this case it worked the other way around.

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British voters didn’t understand the essence of the referendum, and the next day after the vote, residents rushed to the Internet to search for information about Brexit and its consequences. First of all, they voted against the illegal immigration, not only from Syria, but also from Poland. As is known, the Poles are the second largest ethnic minority in Britain. In many towns in the south, as well as in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, the Poles already make up more than 10% of the population.

Cameron has been serving as Prime Minister of Britain for a long time. He first took office in 2010, and headed the first coalition government since the Second World War. It was a unique case, because either Labourites or Conservative set up the majority. In this sense, Cameron's government has always been unstable, and it was forced to rely on the support of allies in the coalition. Conservatives did not have the absolute majority, and the Labour Party was too weak after resignation of Tony Blair.

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Against the background of Brexit and the resignation of Cameron, the Conservative Party was in severe crisis. Labour Party is also not strong enough to challenge Theresa May, who comes to change Cameron as prime minister and leader of the Conservatives.

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This will be the second woman Prime Minister in British history. The parallels between Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher are absolutely obvious. May, like Thatcher, who was called the daughter of a grocer, comes from a simple family. However, in contrast to the "Iron Lady," she has graduated from the University of Oxford.

In general, the crisis that began with the resignation of Cameron, could lead to consequences that would be more dramatic. The first minister of Scotland has already announced the intention to hold a referendum on independence. As is known, Euro-optimists won the referendum in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Gibraltar. Gibraltar is also considering the idea of ​​exit from the United Kingdom.

Thus, Scotland and Gibraltar might withdraw from the UK. The only person, who can stop the process of disintegration, is the queen. When it comes to the collapse of the Kingdom, the Queen must play a decisive role.

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