Strange murder of Nozdrovska: Why people don't believe in police version?

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In a drunken state, an elderly man of about 60 years old simply could not physically inflict such severe stab wounds on the deceased, and even break the cervical vertebrae
21:47, 10 January 2018

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Chief Department of the National Police

Near a village of Demydiv on January 1st law enforcers found the body of human rights activist Iryna Nozdrovska. The body was found in the river Kizka, on the right bank, 200 m from the road to Dymer settlement, perpendicular to which the river passes. In the same village, according to investigators, lives the alleged murderer of Iryna, the father of Dmytro Rossoshansky. He is the most simple and clear candidacy for the murderer of Iryna. A number of evidence indirectly indicates this person. Without making any harsh statements and unambiguous conclusions, I want to note that this version is rather doubtful, but is not impossible.

So, according to investigators, Rossoshansky acted alone and killed Nozdrovska after quarreling with her at a public transport stop in Demydiv. He took out a knife and struck the victim in the neck. After committing the crime, he dragged her to the river, and burned clothes, on which remained a drop of blood, at home in the stove.

The first thing that attracts attention is the motive of the crime. Allegedly, out of revenge, Yury Rossoshansky killed Iryna Nozdrovska, who won the hearings on conviction of his son.

But there are some nuances. The criminal case regarding his son has been considered for more than two years, and Yury decided to kill Iryna just now. In addition, to date, his son has serious chances to be released under amnesty, and there is no logic in the murder at all.

The second thing that attracts attention is the fact of the meeting of Yury and Iryna. So, they had to call each other, agree on a meeting and something to discuss at the meeting. This meeting should be confirmed technically, by the operator on the phone numbers of Iryna and Yury. What can talk the sister of the deceased and the father of the convict about? As a rule, in such cases, it is a question of moral compensation for harm done. To hear some big figure, to be indignant and in an angry state to inflict a series of blows that led to death - this is a perfectly permissible version, but still unlikely.

Just think - he had to kill a man in a residential area, at a bus stop, where cars drive and people stroll. Then, the elderly person must carry a heavy dead body over an open, rugged terrain to a distance of more than 200 m to the river, there to spend time undressing it and then return to his home with the dirty bloodstained clothes in his hands, along with the same open terrain. All this time he risked being exposed at any stage of the crime and covering up his tracks. Not the best idea for a killer.

The lawyer of the injured party Khudyakov also doubts this version. According to him, in this regard, there are many questions about the investigation.

"In a drunken state, an elderly man of about 60 years old simply could not physically inflict such severe stab wounds on the deceased, and even break the cervical vertebrae," says the lawyer. "Judging by the strength of the blows that were inflicted, Iryna was killed by a physically prepared person. Maybe an athlete."

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Khudyakov also stressed that he had doubts about the evidence base that the investigation had. "The version that Dmytro Rossoshansky's father was involved in the murder is the simplest and most obvious, but it still has to be proved, but I do not believe that there is evidence," he said.

According to him, lawyers of Anastasia Nozdrovska (daughter of the murdered) would like to take part in the interrogation of Yuri Rossoshansky. They say that they have a number of questions to the detainee, which will be inconvenient for the investigation.

It’s interesting that already in the first days after the investigation began, the media is preparing the ground in order to "appoint" the murderer of Iryna. Thus, a number of publications state that Rossoshansky family has urgently left to Russia as if hinting at the direct involvement of the Rossoshansky in the murder. Someone forms public opinion, even before the police decided on the suspect.

In addition, an open lie on the part of Internal Affairs Ministry top officials do not add confidence. For example, an adviser to the minister Anton Herashchenko on his Facebook page stated that Yury had given confessions, and the deputy head of the National Police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, said the exact opposite: "There is no question of his frank confession. Only thanks to the collected material evidence we have established a suspect. We will not talk about the reasons for such inconsistency, but the fact itself indicates a low confidence in information obtained from open sources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In order to give an unambiguous answer about the guilt or innocence of Yury Rossoshansky, you need to see the case materials and understand what testimonies the witnesses give. Without such information, we can build conjectures but do not make unequivocal conclusions.

Separately, I want to say on the issue of people's confidence in the law enforcement system of Ukraine. The case of Irina Nozdrovska revealed the obvious problems of such trust. People doubt the statements of officials (as we see, these statements often contradict themselves) and the results of investigations. A number of falsified criminal cases without corpus delicti, loud raider seizures, covert criminal business in Ukraine, lying advisers - all this undermined the credit of trust to the top of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the reform carried out. The people are tired of constant lies.

The gap between police and society is increasing, and the case of Nozdrovska is a marker of its sprawl. People no longer believe unconditionally the statements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs first persons, they doubt the voiced versions. All this leads to the return of the old system, where the policeman in the eyes of society will not be a defender, but a punisher. Only the resonance on the part of society forced us to work quickly to disclose this crime.

Sooner or later, the conflicts between society and the police will openly manifest as a result of the escalation of this gap.

We can only state the complete reluctance of the top leadership to engage in its direct duties, as a result of which an ordinary citizen remains one-on-one with crime.

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