Steve Jobs vs. Elon Musk: Who's the greatest?

Author : Oleksiy Bondarev

Source : 112 Ukraine

Jobs has begun an era of personal computers and made the smartphones popular. Musk has given impetus to the era of solar energy and sent mankind to Mars
16:35, 12 July 2016

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Once I have witnessed a dispute between two students about who is cooler: Apple CEO Steve Jobs or the head of Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk.

So, Jobs or Musk? Here are some arguments that came to my mind.

1. Achievements

Jobs, actually, created the personal computer industry. He has also revolutionized the way of music distribution and formed a market of portable gadgets in the form we know it now.

You can like iPhone and prefer Android, it does not matter. The brainchild of Steve Jobs has put an end to the era of the cell phones with buttons and hopelessly complex communicators. Now even your grandmother might post photos online and write awkward comments to your posts on Facebook.

More than a billion people use smartphones. Jobs directly affected their everyday lives. As well as the lives of millions of people who earn a living by sewing slipcovers for the iPhones.

Musk has promoted an era of secure online payments with PayPal. He has convinced the world that electric cars are not necessarily clumsy slow clunkers for nerds and environmental enthusiasts.

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He created the Model S, which in some countries has already surpassed sales of Audi and BMW in the premium segment. He has show how you can build the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

Someday, solar energy and electric cars to change the lives of millions of people.

Musk has also started an era of dominance of private companies in the space. Musk showed that technological breakthroughs are available not only for NASA. He created a reusable rocket, which reduces the price of the flights.

If a human sets foot on Mars in the coming decades, it would be Musk’s achivement.

2. Inventions

Detractors say that Jobs did not invent anything, but he jus a gifted salesman. Actually, they are right. Jobs was neither a programmer, nor an engineer. Although his name is mentioned in some of Apple's patents.

He was the ideologist of the many outstanding Apple's designs, even if some ideas did not belong to him, he managed to explain to millions of customers, what they pay for. Jobs was a visionary.

Detractors often say that Musk did also not invent anything too. He has not been standing at the origins of PayPal; he joined the company later. He was not the founder of Tesla Motors; he was an investor who joined the project, and eventually led him.

Of course, Musk was an engineer and his involvement in the design and in Tesla Motors and SpaceX is really great. But in essence, primarily, he was a  visionary.

3. People’s qualities

Jobs was a rare bastard. Many colleagues have characterized him so. He could dismiss the person for no apparent reason.

He has left his daughter and took her back only when she became adult.

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Fans of Jobs have always believed that it was the reverse side of his genius.

In this respect, Musk is very similar. He was also famous for spontaneous layoffs of the whole departments for some trifling mistakes. He left his wife, who bore him five children.

Jobs and Musk confirmed the old thesis that great men do not usually have enough greatness for some simple human qualities.

4. Emotions

Jobs has been cultivating emotions. He gave emotions to his Apple products, believing that he was selling user experience (i.e., emotions), not the technical specifications.

His presentation was a real theater. And in dealing with the press and competitors, he was emotional. He said that Microsoft has no taste, and Safari for Windows is the "breath of cold water in hell."

Musk was emotional as well.

He fiercely attacked the journalists from The New York Times, who took Model S for a drive, and wrote that the electric car does not work on one charge, as promised by Tesla.

He was angry with the businessman, who complained that Tesla delays the start of Model X sales, and the phrase "No Tesla for you!" become legendary.

5. Conflicts

Jobs was good in resolving the conflicts.

For example, the famous scandal with the iPhone 4 antenna, which has been losing the signal in the hands of the user. Jobs just replied: "Simply do not hold it that way you do in."

Musk himself regularly put video of unsuccessful landing of the rockets of his SpaceX company. The next time you get better, he explained. And it was enough to make the most venomous critics remain silent.

6. Patents

Steve Jobs loved patents. He tried to patent everything that he personally invented (for example, a cover for the iPad 2), and everything developed by Apple.

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He was ready to spend huge amounts on litigation with competitors, who, in his opinion, violated these patents.

Elon Musk found patents evil. In 2014, he gave up all patents obtained by Tesla Motors in general use. He has repeatedly stated that he was not afraid of competition - on the contrary, competition is necessary for the technological progress.

7. Sexuality

This category of comparison, of course, is more for fun :)

I have ask around my friends ladies. All of them say that Jobs was a charismatic man, but asexual.

And Musk was sexy, but not charismatic.

One woman said that Jobs was smart, and Musk was beautiful.

8. What did they think about each other?

In one of his interviews, Musk said that once he met Jobs at some party. And at that time, Jobs even did not know who Musk was. And Jobs has not made much of an impression on Musk. In general, Musk said that Jobs was a jerk.

My conclusion:

Jobs was great by the scale of the individuality and by charisma. But Musk’s contribute to the development of civilization might be more significant.

What do you think?

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