Sorrow regarding the death of Kremlin Goebbels

Author : Serhiy Sydorenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Death of Vitaly Churkin triggered regret that he did not live till the international tribunal over Russian authorities
13:17, 22 February 2017

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"May 1, 1945. The management of the Soviet Union expresses its deep condolences because of the premature death of Joseph Goebbels, propaganda leader of the Nazi Party.

Despite all the contradictions between the Union and the Third Reich, we knew him as a talented professional who found new forms of communicating with people and was devoted to his country to the last days of his life…"

Of course, this phrase is imagined. 72 years ago this sympathy could not exist. But the times have changed. Today is a new "hybrid century." A similar phrase was voiced by the recent irreconcilable opponent of Churkin, and there is no certainty that we will not hear it again. For example, Ukraine’s representatives and common Facebook users have expressed such opinions.

So we hope that this text will stop our diplomats from an incorrect step.

They can perform their protocol duties without losing dignity.

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Consequently, February 20, Russian representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin died in New York. The same Churkin, who since 2014 was the anti-hero, sort of "foreign Goebbels' of the modern times. The same Churkin, who persistently justified the Russian crimes in Ukraine and Syria, denying the obvious facts. The one who distributed the UN outright lies about Ukraine and supported violations of international law by the Russian Federation.

His main opponents were Ukrainian diplomats (at first, Yuriy Sergeyev, then Volodymyr Yelchenko) and US Ambassador Samantha Power - ally of Barack Obama, who went from office on the day of inauguration of the new US president Donald Trump.

Ukraine has literally formed a fan club of "irreconcilable Samantha" - she is considered a symbol of resistance to Russia.

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Messages, which she left on Twitter immediately after the notification of Churkin’s death, clearly shows: politics is complicated, and the opponents might have completely different relations behind the camera.

It should be added that Power, who currently has no diplomatic status, was not obliged to react on the fact of death.

At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian Mission to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko has some status and responsibilities. Moreover, Ukraine chairs the UN Security Council in February 2017, and thus these duties are enhanced. Yelchenko’s position is acceptable. Yelchenko did not remove Churkin’s responsibility for his lies, like some other diplomats tried to do.

Yes, Churkin was a "soldier" of Russian Foreign Ministry, a loyal soldier. “There is a rule in diplomacy: if you do not agree with what you are proposed, resign. Churkin decided to do in a different way," said our ambassador.

However, there is a nuance.

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Chairing the UN Security Council, Ukraine, most likely, would have to dedicate some part of the planned meeting of the Security Council to commemorate Russian diplomat. Not only Yelchenko, but Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin would represent Ukraine at this meeting. And if the UN Security decides that it is necessary to read a statement about Churkin as "an outstanding fighter for peace" – Ukraine would be forced to formally perform that.

"We will proceed with the proposals that we get," said Yelchenko.

For me personally, gentle and warm words about Goebbels of the Russian foreign policy are just unacceptable. And, as an observer, I would not like to hear them from Ukrainian diplomats. And I hope the Foreign Ministry is aware that my position on this issue is not unique.

Each situation has a solution.

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Formally, the UN Secretariat has already issued a written condolences on behalf of the UN Security Head, that is from Ukraine.

But if Ukraine has to make a statement at the UN Security meeting, it will not be its firm desire, but rather a duty. And the position of Ukrainian state is different.

This does not mean that we should openly express malevolence. Of course not, this is unacceptable. Facebook is for malevolence, but not the UN Security Council meeting. And it does not help neither diplomats nor the state.

But we cannot forget about the role of Churkin’s crimes against humanity, even if he was not their initiator, but rather their talented performer. Sympathizing with the death of that person, we should mention his role in the deaths of thousands of peaceful people in Ukraine and Syria.

In fact, death of Vitaly Churkin triggered regret that he did not live till the international tribunal over Russian authorities, where his testimony would be very helpful.

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