Should we punish bloggers for entering military depot or reward them?

Author : Andrey Kokotiukha

Source : 112 Ukraine

In Kharkiv videobloggers entered the territory of the tank repair plant and found out that it was not guarded. Bloggers walked around the territory and made a video
23:21, 24 July 2018

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"This is a deliberate provocation," Ivan Vynnyk, Secretary of the Security and Defense Committee, comments on the act of the two Kharkiv videobloggers. In his opinion, having penetrated into the military depot and having filmed how easy you can do it, the guys hardly wanted to emphasize the existence of a certain problem. Then the civil servant says very strange things. Entering the warehouse of used and new tanks, young people should have immediately turned to the leadership of Ukroboronprom Company and say: gentlemen, warehouses are not protected, we checked, take measures. Well, the next phrase Mr. Vynnyk is really amazing: if there is no reaction from the company, you should apply to the Verkhovna Rada Committee.

Life can give you any surprises. However, there are still things that are beyond even the greatest imagination. Among them are bloggers who appeal to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on their unhindered entry into the warehouse of military equipment. Similarly, assume that the extremals that ride on the roofs of the subway wagons and, moreover, record themselves on video, then go to Kyiv Council, show this video and complain about the management of the subway: they say, look, we just got on the roof and rode; no one does anything for prevention of such actions.

Given this, Ivan Vynnyk is right. Bloggers did not have any purpose to show gaps in the protection of strategic facilities. They could just as easily try to get to the exclusion zone and then post a video of the walk not far from the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. Or climb onto the roof of abandoned house and jump there. Their actions are not of criminal intent, not even of youthful stupidity. They just went in and got to the military warehouse without obstacles and photographed themselves against the background of equipment. During military parades, parents put children on tank armor and photograph them, then do selfies. And not so long ago Ukrainians were photographed with patrolling national police. It is unlikely they did this to show how easy it is to approach a policeman and take advantage of the loss of his vigilance for the implementation of criminal intentions.

Much more interesting things began after the criminal proceedings were opened against bloggers. State Concern Ukroboronprom stated: the equipment recorded on video is the surplus property of the Ministry of Defense and belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, to protect this property ... there are no legal grounds. After all, between the concern, the state enterprise, and the Ministry of Defense, a state institution, there has not yet been a single agreement on "responsible storage of this property."

For the first time media started talking on the tanks in the warehouse near Kharkiv, which is not guarded by anyone, back in 2004, when video blogging, as a phenomenon, did not exist. At least in Ukraine. Without an agreement with the Defense Ministry, the Ukroboronprom concern does not have the financial ability to hire security at warehouses with old tanks. They have no money for that. The question is: what do bloggers do here, if an object without adequate protection has long been known to all interested parties? Unwillingly, the guys made public familiar problem of sloppiness in their country during the actual war.

Finally the last nonsense, voiced by Mr. Vynnyk on the mentioned occasion. Like, even if the warehouse was guarded by three companies of the National Guard, they would not have used weapons during the probable assault. For this, more than once conscientious policemen were punished. However, even civilians know: the guard, like a policeman, is obliged to first shoot in the air. Hearing a warning shot, the bloggers would have gone away from the warehouse. It is unlikely that they would have crept further against the bullets in order to bring the provocation to an end. Therefore, such guards should be rewarded. And work further to understand why the issue of the protection of military warehouses was not solved for years.

And, yes, we will not mention how and why the military warehouses of the Defense Ministry caught fire earlier.

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