Savchenko in politics: Ukrainians are waiting for a new Messiah

Author : Olexiy Haran

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Nadia Savchenko is the only Ukrainian politician that has a positive level of public confidence
22:44, 14 June 2016

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According to a recent survey conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), Nadiya Savchenko is the only Ukrainian politician from the list of 25 that has a positive level of public confidence. Of course, it is quite insignificant: 35% trust Savchenko, and 32.7% do not trust her. The positive part takes 2%, but all the politicians that go after Savchenko have a negative trust. And this applies not only to governmental officials, but also to the opposition and populists like Oleg Lyashko and Saakashvili.

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However, with regard to Savchenko, now we pay too much attention to her steps and her statement. Psychologically this is understandable, but let us not exaggerate her role and not to turn her into Messiah.

In fact, Savchenko is making the first steps in politics, and not each of her steps is successful. She cannot realize some basic things. She is confused; sometimes she cannot clearly formulate her opinion. After release, Nadiya has made at least two big mistakes. The first was her opinion on a grenade, which she voiced from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada. It was totally inappropriate because the issue was the judicial reform, not the special status of Donbas. Second was Savchenko’s interview, where she almost called Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plontitsky (self-proclaimed leaders of Luhansk and Donetsk Peple’s Republics, ed.) people’s deputies LPR and DPR.

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I think we can talk about a political naivety of Savchenko. This does not mean that she cannot sort out what is going on - I think eventually she will succeed. She cannot justify the plans of those who wanted to see her as a puppet (I mean Putin). Financial Times has proposed this version; it logically follows from the actions of Putin. Savchenko’s release does not mean making concessions to Ukraine and the international community that put pressure on Russia. Actually, they hoped that Savchenko would criticize the Ukrainian government, and it can be used as a factor of destabilization of Ukraine.

Savchenko might become a real politician, but it is not easy. She has to work hard, to chill her emotions, to learn a lot of things, and make political maneuvers as a member of the Batkivshchyna party. Yulia Tymoshenko is enviously looking at Savchenko’s rating and compares with her negative level of people’s trust.

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Nadiya’s bright future lies ahead of her. Ukrainians should not expect a Messiah to come and solve all the problems. We have seen this with Mikheil Saakashvili. He cannot solve all the problems; moreover, the circumstances in Ukraine are different than in Georgia, where, actually, he had an authoritarian government. The situation in Ukraine is different, and there is no time for emotional populist statements. According to KIIS, about 19% trusts Saakashvili, and 61% do not trust him.

Former president Yushchenko used to have a great public confidence; people hoped for change. Yanukovych has less people’s confidence; but of course, his electorate expected to see a strong leader who would be able to solve the problems. But he was not strong at all and eventually escaped from the country, betraying his electorate.

Poroshenko has got a huge credibility, winning in the first round of the elections, but now his rating is low.

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Ukrainians must understand that no one will solve their problems. They have to do it themselves. Every politician, even the trusted one, must be accountable.

We have opportunities to overcome populism, however, it is not easy. People want to hear certain things. And this disease has infected the other countries, not only Ukraine. The proof is the sensational success of Trump. The polls show that in the end he must be defeated by Hillary Clinton. The fact that he was nominated by the Republicans shows how the populism works. Man makes some absurd statements about building a wall on the border with Mexico; and a lot of Americans trust him.

Populism is a worldwide phenomenon. Therefore, Ukraine is not unique in terms of populism.

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In order to deal with populism, it is necessary to develop culture and institutions. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Ihor Lutsenko will not solve the problems, but reform of the Prosecutor General will help. Creating new institutions can solve the difficulties, but it requires constant monitoring of the authorities.

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