Сancellation of passenger trains from Ukraine to Russia: Will it be enough?

Author : Andrey Kokotiukha

Source : 112 Ukraine

Flights from Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkov to Moscow and St. Petersburg for sure can be canceled for the joy of patriots and the evil of enemies. But freight transportation will not be banned by any, even the most patriotic power in the history of our Independence.
21:15, 8 August 2018

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Railway communication with Moscow is stopped. Ukrainian social networks, first of all Facebook, write about it so confidently like at the border crossing points people already dismantle the rails and prepare checkpoints so that the partisans will not restore them from the side of aggressor state. In reality, it is only an idea to cancel passenger trains announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels. An unconfirmed protocol of intent is perceived as a decided deal, the beginning of which falls on the nearest Monday or the first day of the next month. In Ukraine things are always like this, when the intention is voiced by an official.

No one talks about the real prospects of realizing intentions. But there should be more questions to the implementation of plans to stop the trains from Russia, either at one stroke - tomorrow, or consistently - as early as January 1, 2019. For example, Mr. Omelyan says: the option of closing the railway communication with Moscow is being considered. Very good, but why not with St. Petersburg, too? It is a question of one direction - or of all of them? Should we, in particular, liquidate the Lviv-Moscow railway route and the equally popular Ivano-Frankivsk-Moscow one in the fifth year of the actual war? Galicians, who show themselves as the standard of Ukrainian patriotism and are proud of the glorious history of resistance to the Russian occupation regime, go "to Moscow" not to fight in the enemy's rear but to work in the local construction sites.

This is the second cornerstone question. Social networks are arguing on it for the second day. For example, the political scientist Kyryll Sazonov has the answer: he does not care about the Ukrainian workers in Russia and their difficult fate. He does not care what will happen to fellow citizens who do not pay attention to the war and go to work in the aggressor state. They will get problems - that's not our fault. Dozens of FB activists do not agree with his opinion: they say that guest workers still do not have work at home, they will become even angrier with the current Ukrainian government and start running away to Poland. Creating problems for them, the government makes cheap PR on the eve of elections.

So the third question is born. All right, the railway communication with the Russian Federation will be stopped. What to do with buses and cars? The Russian aggression began on March 1, 2014 with the invasion to Crimea - but despite the roadblocks, private carriers are still carrying tourists to the occupied territory from Ukraine. There are people who offer trips, so they are profitable. After the invasion of the Russian troops in Donbas, the borders were not closed like hatches in submarines. Authorities did not do this even after Russia was officially recognized as an aggressor state. Every time social activists call for such a step, they receive various reasoned answers, why it is impossible to close the borders and break diplomatic relations with the enemy. So there is no guarantee that the intentions voiced by Mr. Omelyan will ever be realized.

Because there is another fourth, most important question: what about cargo transportation? Trade with Russia at the highest levels is not prohibited until now. Moreover - it is conducted not only by private business, driving across the border a train with cargo. The state of Ukraine is still buying something from Russia and supplying something to it, filling the budget.

What kind of products we are talking about, what volume and turnover - it does not matter now. It is worth repeating and emphasizing: flights from Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkov to Moscow and St. Petersburg for sure can be canceled for the joy of patriots and the evil of enemies. But freight transportation will not be banned by any, even the most patriotic power in the history of our Independence. Also there are buses that carry Ukrainians to Russia every day and without interference. After all, in each such case it is a question of business interests, and not about the needs of employees. So start believing only that official who will speak first about the abolition of freight trains to Moscow. And those colleagues in power, who will support him with a majority vote.

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