Ryanair is unwelcomed in Ukraine

Author : Volodymyr Omelian

Why low-cost might not come to the Ukrainian market?
10:40, 11 July 2017

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I have carefully watched the press conference about how we do not need Ryanair and how cheap air travel badly affects the state and its citizens.

One TV show of 1 + 1 channel came to my mind. The journalists tried to persuade Ukrainians that $ 500 for an air ticket is a good price, and 20 euros for the same flight - it is overwhelming and just unnecessary.

It is strange that Ryanair requires some kind of conditions, they should be engaged in charity, take a loan in dollars at 25% per annum in PrivatBank and give an opportunity for further carefree enrichment of Ukrainian top-state employees and oligarchs. IKEA, General Electric, GP World are absolutely unnecessary too in the country.

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Surprisingly, one of the best lawyers in Ukraine does not know that it is forbidden to divulge confidential treaty terms, and especially to fantasize about their topic, when even the Lviv airport signed a contract without these positions. I will not even remember how many hours the negotiations lasted between Boryspil airport, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ryanov. First Boryspil ignored any proposals for discussion during 2016, and acting head Zvonarev, agreeing with all proposals, flatly refused to approve them. Yes, it was Zvonarev who, with his lawsuit, supported by the Dniprovsky court, blocked a transparent tender in 2015. As the leadership of Boryspil ran out with the words: "We must call the leadership of the national carrier." Yes, of course, Ryanair should fly from any private or public Ukrainian airport, because Boryspil airport is not a state airport, but whose? And who is managing it?

Of course, airport administration pay little attention to the ministerial decree. As well as to the decree of the President of Ukraine on cheapening air transportation and attracting low-cost.

Let us see it point by point:

  1. There is a decree of the president, which clearly defines the tasks for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: to increase the number of flights to the airports of the member states of the European Union, including with the participation of air carriers operating under the low-cost model.
  2. The Prime Minister of Ukraine instructed the Ministry to elaborate a program for the development of the air transportation market, as well as airports: "We must come up with a mechanism for developing competition on market transportation to avoid discrimination, create competitive prices." It was also about attracting low-cost carriers.
  3. The Ministry, guided by a presidential decree and the interests of passengers, attracts the largest European low-cost carrier.

But Boryspil is so unique airport, #59 in Europe, that instead of making it its victory, including economic one, finds an explanation of why Ryanair is a threat for them.

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  1. The Ministry has lowered airport tariffs and fees for all airlines without exception. The basic airline, which previously had never felt discriminatory towards itself, also received maximum discounts. Considering the traffic volumes, Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) wins more. And also, given the fact that UIA has to pay about 400 million UAH to the state budget. And now the question to Boryspil: how much will the state get less because of the supercomfort conditions for UIA?!

It simply surprises me how much Ryanair is unwelcomed in Ukraine, that neither the decree of the president, nor the interests of Ukrainians are not an argument. So we can say: we do not want Ryanair, because the airport will not be able to make three additional landings for landing, and also will not be able to expand the baggage claim area for transit passengers.

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And about political pressure: the president, the prime minister and the minister, political parties are in favor of low-cost carriers in Ukraine. They support the opportunity for Ukrainians to fly around the world cheaply. This is what our people really want. Therefore, visa-free travel is a big step for our state, but its meaning is lost if travel to Europe is not affordable.

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