Russian invasion: the logic of Ilovaisk battle

Author : Vitaliy Portnikov

Source : 112 Ukraine

When Putin loses, he turns from a "legitimist" into the ordinary "chav"
15:10, 30 August 2016


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The anniversary of the Ilovaisk events always means mourning of the fallen and the desire to find those responsible for the failures and tragedies. Of course, this is very important. But something unusual has happened near Ilovaisk, and it radically changed the nature of war. This was the direct invasion of the Russian regular troops.

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What was the war like before Ilovaisk? Russia was arming mercenaries from the occupied territories and sent its “volunteers” to Donbas. The mercenaries and "volunteers" have formed the military units.

These bandits had no chance to defeat our armed forces and volunteer battalions. The end of Donbas war was near. Ukrainian military command and political leadership proceeded from the fact that the Kremlin will not go for a direct military intervention in Ukraine.

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Now you can certainly believe that this assumption was naive. Kyiv, as well as the other Western capitals, do believe that the Russian leadership try to stay within some "legitimacy," despite all the crimes that it commits. After all, Putin is a famous "legitimist."

Only few time ago, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in an interview with Le Mond suggested that after Assad used the chemical weapons, the Russian government could "condemn the Syrian regime" and even stop the bombardment of Aleppo. Because Putin cannot "remain indifferent to international public opinion."

They just do not know Putin. When Putin loses, he turns from a "legitimist" into the ordinary "chav." Chavs do not pay much attention to the international law or "international opinion."

That is why Putin could hold his troops around our borders until they threatened the very existence of "Donetsk People’s Republic" and "Luhansk People’s Republic." But when it became clear that the Ukrainian army will soon dismantle bandit republic, he decided to enter the war.

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Since that moment, one of the important elements of Western policy towards Ukraine became keeping Kyiv from active attack. Because it is believed that this attack might provoke Moscow. And regular Russian units would enter Ukraine again.

So, let us see how the war after Ilovaisk looks like. The armed formations, which consist of local mercenaries and Russian "volunteers," are now located in Donbas. The purpose of these bandits is to arrange provocations, to maintain volatility, and resist Ukrainian troops when they begin to eliminate terrorist enclaves.

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That is why the Kremlin may boldly say to international observers "our troops do not stand in Donbas." But the main responsibility for maintaining the self-proclaimed republics must lie on the other bandits - the regular army, the bandits in Russian uniform, located across the border with our country.

In the event of a threat to “DPR” and “LPR,” they might immediately enter the territory of our country. Putin pays no attention to the "world opinion," sanctions, and calls of Obama and Merkel. He will deal with these consequences after protecting the occupied territory from its liberators.

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